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APP Opposition Groups:

    Southern Poverty Law Center - The Center for Propaganda for Socialism in America which opposes CITIZEN MILITIAS

    This is in Opposition of the Constitution as it was written and against the principles of Common Law... A REVERSE HATE GROUP -


    SPL #1
    SPL #2 patriot-movememnt
    SPL #3 entelligence-files
    SPL #4

         This group say they want to protect  on one hand - but then allow the deviant of society to brain wash and then misuse others or each other outside the Laws of Nature; Allowing for the existence of Voluntary Slavery  and Slavery - Through the relinquishment of inalienable rights. This Group, Communist / Socialist in nature,  places a form of "Subjugated Peace" under a central national government;  Instead of abiding by the True Principles of Freedom established in small well represented and independent republics;

    John Locke with regard to such a "peace"  word search LAMB on his Second Treatise on Civil Government.

    They are a proponent of reverse hate; and are a proponent for the use of National Federal force, cumulated by government "laws" which have been created without authority  - i.e. under the

    See Virginia Resolution, James Madison, denouncing when the government makes itself, and not the Constitution the Measure of its powers.








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American Patriot Party


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Welcome to the American Patriot Party "States Liberty Bill" page. The "States Liberty Bill" is presently being drafted. Summary of contents listed below. For information on portions of the Oregon Patriot Party "States Liberty Bill" please review the
"No Names"  "No Numbers" True Patriot Tax system - The A Tax or Anonymity Tax  which is one of ten bills to this important state and community empowering freedom and Liberty Bill to reduce and to control the federal government, its spending; Removing federal and state manipulation and impositions upon the people and their property within the states.

Below is a brief summary of the American Patriot Party's
"States Liberty Bill(s)" to be proposed. Note that these are summaries of both state and federal combined; It in no way conveys powers to the federal government outside it's limited delegated powers set out in the Original Compact in either prosecution of crimes or creation of laws for either state or federal law  under direction of the federal government; States, counties being the reference where applicable; Reference this:

Thomas Jefferson Kentucky Resolutions - 1798

2." Resolved, That the Constitution of the United States, having delegated to Congress a power to punish:

a.)   treason,
b.)  counterfeiting
the securities and current coin of the United States,
c.)  piracies, and felonies committed on the high seas, and
d.)  offenses against the law of nations,


and it being true as a general principle, and one of the amendments to the Constitution having also declared, that"the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, not prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people," therefore the act of Congress, passed on the 14th day of July, 1798, and intituled "An Act in addition to the act intituled An Act for the punishment of certain crimes against the United States," as also the act passed by them on the day of June, 1798, intituled "An Act to punish frauds committed on the bank of the United States,"(>>>> and ALL their OTHERACTS which assume to CREATE, DEFINE, or PUNISH crimes, OTHER than THOSE so enumerated in the Constitution,) >>> are "ALTOGETHER" "VOID", and of "NO FORCE"; and that the power tocreate, define, and punish such other crimesisreserved, and, ofright,appertainssolelyandexclusively to the respective "STATES", each within its own territory."

Virginia Ratifying Convention 6-16-1788:
 George Nicholas: He then proceeded thus: But, says he, who is to determine the extent of such powers?I say, the same power which, in "ALL" well-regulated communities,determines the "extent" of "legislative" powers.If they exceed these powers,the "JUDICIARY" will declare it "VOID", or else "the PEOPLE" will have a "RIGHT" to declare it "VOID".


  The A Tax - Anonymity Tax
- Establishment of the
Anonymity Tax System; Limits Federal Taxation to import tariffs collected by states at ports of call; States will have oversight to assure tax is consensual and enumerated correctly; Removal and restriction of all other forms of taxation issued by the federal government. Removes IRS and removes need for IRS. Establishes standards and fiscal responsibility by use of Constitutional limitations to types of federal expenditures and removes the private Federal Reserve.  Establishes local control of taxation, unseating and voting cycle powers of citizens to remove or reduce taxes or services. Presents States a alternative way of taxation by establishing anonymous automated toll tax.

 Victory - Private Property - Establishing Absolute Property, Water, Building, mining, and Business Rights and titles; Removes and prohibits of Zoning, Condemnation and all Imminent Domain laws (state or federal);Prohibits federal or international impositions or manipulations within states or counties whatsoever; Nor state or county mandated policies on Property, Building and Business outside of obvious and registerable pollution and safety standards dictated by the local county communities.

See Virginia Ratifying Convention 6-16-1788:

Mr. PENDLETON. Mr. Chairman, this clause does "NOT" give Congress power to impede the operation of ANY PART of the Constitution,(N)or to make>>>"ANY" REGULATION that mayaffect the interests of the citizens of the Union"AT LARGE"."

This presents that Treaties cannot effect states inside the states. Nor can they arrogate ANY NEW powers; The federal government CANNOT use the amendment process which is created to correct the delegated powers, to ARROGATE NEW powers not delegated in the original compact which they have been EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED in the Ratifying Conventions;

Those pushing the fairtax and flat tax should take note, as their tax systems are no more constitutional than the income tax which is an arrogated power imposed unconstitutionally though the amendment process which was limited  to changing the delegated powers alone; not arrogating new powers; The states  cannot serve as a means to arrogate powers to the federal government which  it is expressly prohibited.

Madison:If that "latitude" of construction which he contends for were to take place with respect to the "sweeping clause", there "would" be room for those horrors. But it gives no supplementary power. It only enables them to execute the "delegated powers". "If" the "delegation" of their powers be "safe", no possible inconvenience can arise from this clause. It is at most "but" explanatory.

I understand that clause as NOT going a "SINGLE STEP beyond" the "DELEGATED powers". What can it act upon?Some power given by
THIS Constitution.If they should be about to pass a law in consequence of this clause, they must pursue some of the "DELEGATED powers",but can by >>>"NO MEANS" depart from them,

>>>(N)OR "ARROGATE" "ANY NEW" powers; for the PLAIN LANGUAGE of the clause is, to give them power to pass laws in order to give "effect" to the >>>"DELEGATED" powers"."

 Exclusive Privileges Prohibition  - Removal of all state or federal born Exclusive Privileges: Systematic dissolution of Corporations, Unions, Federal Tax supported or benefited special interest groups or individuals, and undelegated (under the Original Constitutional Compact) or self perpetuating government bureaucracies. Prohibition of international favors and privileges to groups or individuals. Establishes a State (bills) Universally accepted limited liability for all individuals and private companies  to protect against unlimited and liability suits.

( See
Virginia Declaration of Rights#4, and Virginia Ratifying Convention April 16,1788 on Prohibiting Exclusive Privileges)

 Original Compact and Delegated Powers - Reduction and limitation of federal  and state government bureaucracies and powers. Federal Departments, police and military police limited to within 10 miles square of Washington, DC as established in the
Virginia Ratifying Convention 6-16-1788; Provides for supremacy and enforcement by County and by State to force federal compliance; Recognizes powers to Void and Nullify as established in the Virginia Ratifying Convention 6-16-1788 and Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions; also requiring county commission consent and county judicial approval. Establishes requirement of judges, legislature, commissions and all law officers to have undergone and passed 2 years of Original Compact Constitutional law which includes the Ratifying Conventions and Common Law study. Establishes County Constitutional measures, enforcement and oversight.

 Foreign Policy Limitations  - Establishes Non interventionism Policy;  Sets firm regulations on the federal government, based on historical Constitutional foundations. County and State supremacy and enforcement to force federal compliance, includes powers to Void and Nullify all powers not expressly delegated under the Original Compact. All federal laws subject to county community vote, county commission consent and county judicial approval. Establishes requirement of judges, legislature and county commissions to have undergone 2 years of Original Constitutional Compact law,  Constitutional Ratifying Conventions - Founders Intent study, Common Law study and Adherence to such in Voiding and Nullifying present laws not compliance.

Virginia Ratifying Convention 6-16-1788:

George Nicholas: He then proceeded thus: But, says he, who is to determine the extent of such powers? I say, the same power which, in "ALL" well-regulated communities,determines the "extent" of "legislative" powers.If they exceed these powers, the "JUDICIARY" will declare it "VOID", or else "the PEOPLE" will have a "RIGHT" to declare it "VOID".

Kentucky Resolution 1798: Thomas Jefferson: ".....that it does also believe, that to take from the States all the powers of self-governmentand transfer them to a general and consolidated government, without regard to the special delegations and reservations solemnly agreed to in "THAT" compact, is "NOT" for the peace, happiness or prosperity of these States; and that therefore this commonwealth is determined, as it doubts not its co-States are, to submit to undelegated, and consequently unlimited powersin >>>"NO""MAN", or "BODY of MEN" on EARTH:  

that in cases of an abuse of the delegated powers, the members of the general government, being chosen by the people, a change by the people would be the constitutional remedy; >>>>>>>BUT, where powers are assumedwhich have NOT been delegated, a >>>"NULLIFICATION" of the act is the "RIGHTFUL REMEDY" thatevery State has a natural RIGHT in cases not within the compact, (casus non fSderis) to NULLIFY of their OWN AUTHORITY"ALL" assumptions of power by others within their limits: thatwithout this "RIGHT", they would be under the dominion, absolute and unlimited, of whosoever might exercise this right of judgment for them:"

Local and StateJudges who do not Nullify on a regular basisANY and ALL undelegated federal powers and bureaucracies are the first problem to be removed; Judges should be given no alternative but to remove all undelegated powers, laws and bureaucracies not granted under the ORIGINAL compact.


 County State Constellation -
Grants Statehood to all Counties to provide adequate local representation and powers. Removes all present state capitol law and powers outside of the county of the present capitol s residence.  County Courthouses assuming placement of new state capitols. The average U.S. county population is about 100,000. Oregon became a state with 40 to 80,000 people; The most heavily populated county of the U.S., Los Angeles County, California, has a population of approximately 9,880,000, which is a larger population than all but eight states of the union. The least populated county is Loving County, Texas, with a population of 67. Kalawao County, Hawaii, a former leper colony, is the next-smallest county, with a population of 147. The power of the county government varies widely from state to state, as does the relationship between counties and incorporated municipal governments. [2] The distribution of power between the state government, county governments, and municipal governments is defined in each state's constitution. See:

1.) To those who think that state representatives would be too numerous by giving statehood to all counties, consider these things: a football stadium holds 60 to 80,000+ screaming individuals when possibly their monthly salary rides on the outcome;


How much more important would it be to have a auditorium 1/10 the size for adequate representation, when your lifetime salary, as well as your very lives hang in the balance of the legislative outcome.

2.) And realize this; If the Federal Legislature stays within the limited delegated powers as directed by the Founders in the Ratifying Conventions,they will have VERY LITTLE to do.

See our 2008 News Letter
Republics and Representation on this very important issue.

 State and Federal Bureaucracy Limitations and Reporting - Establishes government to citizen - population, bureaucracy & labor limitations percentage Ratio. Requires annual public Census for reporting of ALL government employees and locations county, state and federal. Establishes labor salary maximums at no greater than each local county wage average ; Prohibits Union rates or standards; Prohibits setting of standard state or national wage rates; Prohibits professional or hazard wages or consideration;  Establishes county power of yearly dictation  of wages (state, county or federal) by vote of the county citizens; includes,  reduction, sunset, cease and relinquishment of services or labor by citizen  vote at every 4 year election cycle. Limits public service to 4 years except  for police, fire, military, militia and education. Removes Special elections  for anything but life threatening situations. Prohibits government legislative,  employees or their families from voting for their own salaries, or increases  (See
Rights of the Colonists - prohibiting governors from seeking what they please); Prohibits legislative or other service from being reelected, or hired to positions that they have increased the salaries, or from being hired to offices that they have either created or increased salaries to; Prohibits relations from acquiring the same. (See James Madison - Ratifying Conventions 1788 stating this Constitutional limitation: 

Virginia Ratifying Convention June 14, 1788.James Madison:"... TheConstitution has taken a medium between the two extremes, and perhaps with more wisdom than either the British or the state governments, with respect to their "ELIGIBILITY" to office. They can "FILL" "NO" new "offices" created by themselves, "NOR" "OLD ONES" of which they  "INCREASED THE SALARIES"."


Essential Natural Rights- (Federal and State) Reestablishes and Acknowledges certain inalienable and natural rights as well as Common Law (See Virginia Ratifying Convention 6-16-1788: Prohibition of relinquishment of Essential Natural Rights even by consent. Prohibits any acceptance to another individuals relinquishment of essential natural rights (i.e. Slavery or Voluntary Slavery); Establishes Bill of Rights as Law;  Right to bear arms by citizens in any form or manner, prohibits  federal or state from legislating laws infringing upon arms;   Search and Seizure prohibitions; Reestablishes Usury laws to limit  loan percentages and bars attaching or associating Fees to loan or payments to increase interest rates. Establishes privacy rights. Protects Private Property Rights; Establishes State criminal offenses and punishments for government employees and civilian alike. Establishes County elected and controlled Original Compact Constitutional Police Force (OCCPF) for the sole purpose to insure compliance of the essential rights by federal, state and county police, militia, military and law officials; and serve as advocate, protector and go between for citizens; Such force having no powers to direct any action toward the citizen(s), only toward government officials. OCCPF Forces may require government agencies to provide valid warrants, or may prohibit unconstitutional impositions upon private property or persons; OCCPF Positions carry greater legal authority in any situation and the ability to prosecute federal, state and county officials or those they employ. Removes all conflicting state, county, federal law or policies.

Virginia Ratifying Convention 6-16-1788:

George Nicholas: " But the"COMMON LAW"is"NOT EXCLUDED".There is"NOTHING" in "that paper" (APP Note: referring to the US Constitution being considered)  to warrant the assertion." "A bill of rights is only anacknowledgment of the >>>>PREEXISTING claim to rights "IN"(i.e. POSSESSED BY)the people. They belong to us as much as if they had been inserted in the Constitution."

See John Locke on Civil Government and Samuel Adams - Rights of the Colonists staying within, and rightto insist on that which establishes or forms an Original Compact.

 State Sovereignty and Defense (Federal Restriction to arm only and State Responsibility to arm and train)  - Re-institutes state and local militias, private Militias and privateers as intended in the Constitutional Debates and historical definition of militia pre 1776; Requires State and Federal governments to arm and protects right of all individuals, counties and communities to have modern warfare defense and armament at hand and in households; Requires Local Citizen Controlled Armories in every 5 mile by 5 mile area community, adequate to arm and supply all citizens with modern and up to date and effectual weaponry for defense and offense; Prohibits any federal, state or county limitations to private stock holds; Prohibits arms or person registration or numbering; Prohibits county, state or federal government guarding, mapping, requiring knowledge of locations or monitoring of private stock holds or defense measures - including practice and drills; Requires food stocks and rations in every armory. Requires 2 hour weekly classes for 3 years in arms handling, tactics and defense measures in all high schools or through private organizational programs; (State and County Requirements) Requires 4 hours education every month for 4 years in Common and Constitutional Law, Founders intents and Constitutional history and law (John Locke, Samuel Adams, Ratifying ConventionsVirginia and Kentucky Resolutions etc.). Passing grade required for graduation. Prohibits state or federal from requiring students or citizens for mandatory military "service" to either state or federal; or through connection with such training. Establishes limitations to federal war powers acts or law; Such based on Original Intent of Founders in Constitutional Debates. Power Ratio set by James Madison 25 to 1 in favor of Citizen Militias;

James Madison who wrote the Constitution together the Bill of Rights:

"Thehighest number to which a standing army can be carried in any country does not exceed one hundredth part of the souls, orone twenty-fifth (1/25th) part of the number able to bear arms. This portion would not yield, in the United States, an army of more than twenty-five or thirty thousand men. To "these"would be OPPOSED (APP: indicating that the "MILITIA" is to be a "opposing force" to the standing army as well as that of foreign enemies)  a MILITIA amounting to near half a million"CITIZENS" with arms in their HANDS, "officered by men chosen from "AMONG THEMSELVES", (not by government, or the standing army - a true indicator of a MILITIA as defined by the Founders) fighting for "their"(the citizen / militia's) common liberties and united and conducted by government"S" possessingtheir(the citizen / militia's)affections and confidence. It may well be doubted whether a militiathus circumstanced could ever be conquered by such a "proportion" of regular troops(i.e. standing army). Besides the advantage of being armed, it forms a barrier against the "enterprises of ambition", more insurmountable than any which a simple government of any form can admit of. The governments of Europe are afraid to trust the people with arms. If they did, the people would surely shake off the yoke of tyranny, as America did.

 Let us not insultthe free and gallant citizens of America with the suspicion that they would be less able to defend the rights of which they would be in actual possession than the debased subjects of arbitrarypower would be to rescue theirs from the hands of their oppressors."

Federal and State Land Title Relinquishment - Establishes procedure for appropriation of federal and state lands to citizens (segment describing this in our Ron Paul Endorsement). Places safeguards against collectivism. Establishes transfer title of all national and state parks within county boundaries to ownership by counties, free of encumbrances. Removes Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management and US Forest Service; Counties and states taking control and ownership of lands and dictating what if any management (as intended in Constitutional Debates). Removes land as a avenue or funnel for federal or state mandates, and or national / international environmental mandates; Prevents federal manipulation of state and county local powers and private property rights. Prevents State manipulation of county powers and private property rights.

Greyston:"...But it may be observed that those extensive countries will be formed into independent states, andthat their  (the state's) CONSENT will be NECESSARY."


We wish to also convey that we are opposed to any arbitrary, indirect, unenumerated tax plans such as the Fairtax or Flat tax; Such taxes will guarantee increases to governments with the increase of the private sector WITHOUT CONSENT AND OVERSIGHT; It will EMPOWER GOVERNMENT.  The Founders understood the necessity of a DIRECT taxation; Taxes that are not arbitrary, but are DEFINED AND ENUMERATED BEFORE THEY ARE GRANTED TO GOVERNMENT.

Further dangers: Such plans combine state and federal taxation or federal taxation into one "sales tax" plan; These are extremely dangerous as it is a "shoehorn" for the Federal government to involve itself with State and local taxation; The federal government will be come a legal "party" to the taxation process and thereby "wrest control" of state local taxation and local regulations. Further, they continue to have federal oversight which retains the federal bureaucracy upon the people within the states.

Federal taxation, collected by the states at ports of call, should be limited to direct import tariffs and always enumerated, to stop once that previous consensual enumeration is satisfied. This is the constitutional remedy.

The federal government must reduce itself so to stay within the limited delegated powers of the "ORIGINAL Compact"; They would then have very little to do. For more on this opposition to unenumerated flat percentage tax systems see:

In areas which people have been drawn in to invest in undelegated federal programs etc., these agreements should be respected, but any further practice should be immediately halted and left to the independent states and communities  to consider consensual similar programs if they should so choose.

Also, unless you intend to remove (dissolve and break up) state and federal born "exclusive privileges" - corporations, unions, (income and other) tax supported special interests and undelegated federal and state associated bureaucracies - You will be simply allowing misuse to flourish elsewhere; Why worry about minimum wages when the public is forced to pay maximum prevailing wages to government union employees, and even higher wages though corporate government contracts!

These privileges cannot establish freedom of contract when exclusive state born exclusive privileges of monopoly and cartel were called by the Founders not to exist and to be guarded against
(Virginia Ratifying Convention 6-16-1788); Exclusive privileged trade is not free trade. Oil contracts on federal land are a exclusive privilege which should not exist; The Founders made it clear that any exclusive privilege would be null and void as soon as it left the 10 miles square of WA DC; and that lands within the states, once they became states, would be managed by the states:

Virginia Ratifying Convention 6-16-1788 - Links to full day debate:

Mr. Greyston: "...Adverting to the clause investing Congress with the power of exclusive legislation in a district not exceeding ten miles square, he said he had before expressed his doubts that this {431} district would be the favorite of the generality, and that it would be possible for them to give "exclusive privileges of commerce" to those residing within it. He had illustrated what he said by European examples. It might be said to be impracticable to exercise this power in this manner. Among the various laws and customs which pervaded Europe, there were exclusive privileges and immunities enjoyed in many places. He thought that this ought to be guarded AGAINST; for should such exclusive privileges be granted to merchants residing within the ten miles square, it would be highly injurious to the inhabitants of OTHER PLACES."

(APP: Residing within it or lobbying for favor of exclusive privilege elsewhere to federal land is the same thing. The federal government was expressly LIMITED in AREA to the 10  miles square of WA DC):

Mr. MADISON. "Mr. Chairman: I did conceive, sir, that the clause under consideration was one of those parts which would speak its own praise. It is hardly necessary to say any thing concerning it. Strike it out of the system, and let me ask whether there would not be much larger scope for those dangers. I cannot comprehend that the power of legislating over a "small district", whichCANNOT EXCEED ten miles square, andMAY NOT BE more than ONE mile, will involve the dangers which he apprehends.

If there be any knowledge in my mind of the nature of man, I should think it would be the last thing that would enter into the mind of any man to grant exclusive advantages, in a very circumscribed district, to the prejudice of the community at large.

Mr. Chairman, this clause does "NOT" give Congress power to impede the operation of ANY PART of the Constitution,(N)or to make ANY REGULATION that may affect the interests of the citizens of the Union at large."

"...It could have no operation without the limits of that district. Were Congress to make a law granting them an exclusive privilege of trading to the East Indies, it could have NO effect the moment it would go without THAT place; for their exclusive power is confined to that district. Were they to pass such a law, it would be >>>nugatory; and every member of the community at large could trade to the East Indies as well as the citizens of that district."


US Military Armed Forces Base Directory:

Army Major Commands, Army Major Commands     AMC ­ U.S. Army Material Command located in Fort Belvior, VA.  The official web site is  AMC is the Army's premier provider of materiel readiness to the total force across the spectrum of joint military operations.  If a soldier shoots it, drives it, flies it, wears it or eats it, AMC provides it.

MTMC ­ U.S. Army Military Traffic Management Command located on Alexandria, VA.  The official website is  MTMC is the Department of Defense's heavy-equipment mover for contingency, training and humanitarian operations.

MEDCOM ­ U.S. Army Medical Command located at Fort Sam Houston, Texas.  The official website is  MEDCOM projects and sustains a healthy and medically protected force; trains, equips, and deploys the medical force; and manages and promotes the health of soldiers and military families.

USARPAC ­ U.S. Army Pacific located at Fort Shafter, Hawaii.  The official website is  USARPAC provides trained and ready forces in support of military and peacetime operations in the Asia-Pacific area in order to contribute to regional stability, crisis response and decisive victory.

FORSCOM ­ U.S. Army Forces Command located at Fort McPherson, Georgia.  The official website is  The Army component of U.S. Joint Forces Command, FORSCOM trains, mobilizes, deploys and sustains active and reserve component forces capable of operating in joint and combined environments to meet worldwide operational commitments.

USASOC ­ U.S. Army Special Operations Command located at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.  The official website is  USASOC organizes, trains, educates, mans, equips, funds, administers, mobilizes, deploys and sustains Army special operations forces to successfully conduct worldwide special operations across the range of military operations, in support of regional combatant commanders, American ambassadors and other agencies, as directed.

USARSO ­ U.S. Army, South located at Fort Buchanan, Puerto Rico.  The official website is  USARSO commands and controls Army forces in the U.S. Southern Command area of responsibility and provides theater support for Army forces and headquarters as directed by the USSSOUTHCOM commander in chief.  USARSO will become a major subordinate command of FORSCOM and move to Fort Sam Houston, Texas, during fiscal year 2003.

TRADOC ­ U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command located at Fort Monroe, Virginia.  The official website is  TRADOC shapes the 21st-century Army by training and educating its soldiers and leaders while sustaining the shared vision of how the Army operates as a member of joint service, combined arms and multinational teams.

CID ­ U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command located at Fort Belvoir, Virginia.  The official website is  CID is the Army's criminal investigative organization and conducts investigations in which the Army is or may be a party of interest.  CID provides senior leader protective-services and forensic laboratory support to investigations; maintains the Army's criminal records; provides logistical security from factory to foxhole; conducts computer network intrusion investigations; and develops countermeasures to criminal and subversive activity.

INSCOM ­ U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command located at Fort Belvoir, Virginia.  The official website is  INSCOM conducts dominant intelligence, security and information operations for commanders and national decision-makers, and provides warfighters with the seamless intelligence needed to understand and dominate the battlefield.

SMDC ­ U.S. Space and Missile Defense Command located in Arlington, Virginia.  The official website is  SDMC develops and provides space and missile-defense capabilities for the Army and the nation.

EUSA ­ Eight U.S. Army located in Yongsan, Korea.  The official website is  EUSA supports deterrence of North Korean aggression against the Republic of Korea and, should deterrence fail, supports noncombatant-evacuation operations and transitions to hostilities as it generates combat power to support the United Nations Command and Combined Forces Command response.

USAREUR ­ U.S. Army, Europe located at Heidelberg, Germany.  The official website is  As America's Army in Europe, USAREUR is structured and trained as a versatile and agile power-projection force, ready for joint and multinational operations, and committed to providing for the readiness and well being of its soldiers, civilians and families.

USASCE ­ U.S. Army Corps of Engineers located in Washington, D.C.  The official website is  USACE provides quality, responsive engineering services to the Army, Department of Defense and the nation.

MDW ­ U.S. Army Military District of Washington located at Fort McNair, Washington, D.C.  The official website is  MDW responds to crisis, disaster or security requirements in the National Capital Region; provides base operations support for defense organizations throughout the NCR, including operation of Arlington National Cemetery; and conducts official ceremonies on behalf of the nation's civilian and military leaders.  

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HQ Co   Wahiawa/Oahu,HI Schofield Bks
DivSuppCom   Wahiawa/Oahu,HI Schofield Bks
C.Co/25.Av (AVIM) no helicopter assigned Wahiawa/Oahu,HI Wheeler AAF
AvBrig   Wahiawa/Oahu,HI Schofield Bks
1.Bat/25.Av (ATK) OH-58D(R) Wahiawa/Oahu,HI Wheeler AAF
2.Bat/25.Av (AHB)   Wahiawa/Oahu,HI Wheeler AAF
2.Bat/25.Av/A.Co (AHC) UH-60L Wahiawa/Oahu,HI Wheeler AAF
2.Bat/25.Av/B.Co (AHC) UH-60L Wahiawa/Oahu,HI Wheeler AAF
2.Bat/25.Av/C.Co (CMD) UH-60A,EH-60C,OH-58D Wahiawa/Oahu,HI Wheeler AAF
2.Bat/25.Av/D.Co (AVUM)   Wahiawa/Oahu,HI Wheeler AAF
3.Sq/4.Cav OH-58D(R) Wahiawa/Oahu,HI Schofield Bks
G.Co/58.Av (ATS)   Wahiawa/Oahu,HI Wheeler AAF
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U.S. Army Japan (USARJ)
HQ Co   Sagamihara,Japan Camp Zama
9.TSC   Sagamihara,Japan Camp Zama
78.AvBat (CMD)   Sagamihara,Japan Camp Zama/Kastner AAF
78.AvBat/A.Co C-12F, UH-60A Sagamihara,Japan Camp Zama/Kastner AAF
78.AvBat/D.Co   Sagamihara,Japan Camp Zama/Kastner AAF

U.S. Army Alaska (USARAK)
HQ   Anchorage,AK Fort Richardson
ArcticSuppBrig   Anchorage,AK Fort Richardson
4.Bat/123.Av (TA)   Fairbanks,AK Fort Wainwright/Ladd AAF
4.Bat/123.Av/B.Co (MHC) CH-47D Fairbanks,AK Fort Wainwright/Ladd AAF
4.Bat/123.Av/D.Co (AHC) UH-60A Fairbanks,AK Fort Wainwright/Ladd AAF
C.Co/123.Av (AVIM) UH-60A, CH-47D Fairbanks,AK Fort Wainwright/Ladd AAF
68.MedDet (AA) UH-60A Fairbanks,AK Fort Wainwright/Ladd AAF
129.MedDet (AA) UH-1V Anchorage,AK Fort Richardson/Bryant AAF
USAG Fort Greely/AvDet UH-1H Delta Junction,AK Fort Greely/Allen AAF
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8th U.S. Army (EUSA)
HQ   Yongsan,RoK Yongsan Main Post 1
6.CavBrig (Air)   Pyongtaek,RoK Camp Humphreys/Desiderio AAF
1.Sq/6.Cav (ATK) AH-64A Hoengsong,RoK Camp Eagle
3.Sq/6.Cav (ATK) AH-64D Pyongtaek,RoK Camp Humphreys/Desiderio AAF
17.AvBrig (TA)   Yongsan,RoK Yongsan Main Post 1
1.Bat/52.Av (CMD)   Songnam,RoK Seoul AB
1.Bat/52.Av/A.Co (CS) UH-60A Songnam,RoK Seoul AB
1.Bat/52.Av/B.Co (CS) UH-60A Songnam,RoK Seoul AB
1.Bat/52.Av/C.Co (CS) UH-60A Songnam,RoK Seoul AB
1.Bat/52.Av/D.Co (AVUM)   Songnam,RoK Seoul AB
2.Bat/52.Av (MHB)   Pyongtaek,RoK Camp Humphreys/Desiderio AAF
2.Bat/52.Av/A.Co (M) CH-47D Pyongtaek,RoK Camp Humphreys/Desiderio AAF
2.Bat/52.Av/B.Co (M) CH-47D Pyongtaek,RoK Camp Humphreys/Desiderio AAF
6.Bat/52.Av/A.Co (TA) C-12F Songnam,RoK Seoul AB
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164.ATSGr (ATS)   Yongsan,RoK Yongsan Main Post 2
B.Co/58.Av (ATS)   Uijongbu,RoK Camp Red Cloud
B.Co/58.Av/1.Pl (ATS)   Chunchon,RoK Camp Page
B.Co/58.Av/Tower (ATS)   Pyongtaek,RoK Camp Humphreys/Desiderio AAF
B.Co/58.Av/Tower (ATS)   Taegu,RoK Camp Walker
B.Co/58.Av/Radar (ATS)   Suwon,RoK Madison RadioSite
D.Co/58.Av (ATS)   Yongsan,RoK Yongsan Main Post 2
D.Co/58.Av/2.Pl (ATS)   Pyongtaek,RoK Camp Humphreys/Desiderio AAF
D.Co/58.Av/Tower (ATS)   Uijongbu,RoK Camp Stanley/Cochran AAF
D.Co/58.Av/Tower (ATS)   Tongduchon-Ni,RoK Camp Casey
D.Co/58.Av/Tower (ATS)   Uijongbu,RoK Camp LaGuardia
18.MedCom   Yongsan,RoK Yongsan South Post 1
52.MedBat (Evac)   Yongsan,RoK Yongsan South Post 1
377.MedCo (AA) UH-60A Pyongtaek,RoK Camp Humphreys/Desiderio AAF
377.MedCo/Det.1 (AA) UH-60A Taegu,RoK Camp Walker
542.MedCo (AA) UH-60A Chunchon,RoK Camp Page
542.MedCo/Det.1 (AA) UH-60A  Tongduchon-Ni,RoK Camp Casey
19.TSC   Taegu,RoK Camp Henry
C.Co/52.Av (AVIM) UH-60A  Pyongtaek,RoK Camp Humphreys/Desiderio AAF
G.Co/52.Av (AVIM) UH-60A Hoengsong,RoK Camp Eagle
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2nd Infantry Division (Light) "Warriors"
HQ Co   Uijongbu,RoK Camp Red Cloud
DivSuppCom   Tongduchon-Ni,RoK Camp Casey
C.Co/2.Av (AVIM) no helicopter assigned Uijongbu,RoK Camp Stanley/Cochran AAF
2.AvBrig   Uijongbu,RoK Camp Stanley/Cochran AAF
1.Bat/2.Av (ATK) AH-64D Chunchon,RoK Camp Page
2.Bat/2.Av (AHB)   Uijongbu,RoK Camp Stanley/Cochran AAF
2.Bat/2.Av/A.Co (AHC) UH-60L Uijongbu,RoK Camp Stanley/Cochran AAF
2.Bat/2.Av/B.Co (AHC) UH-60L Uijongbu,RoK Camp Stanley/Cochran AAF
2.Bat/2.Av/C.Co (CMD) UH-60A,EH-60C,OH-58D Uijongbu,RoK Camp Stanley/Cochran AAF
2.Bat/2.Av/D.Co (AVUM)   Uijongbu,RoK Camp Stanley/Cochran AAF
4.Sq/7.Cav   Munsan,RoK Camp Garry Owen
4.Sq/7.Cav/D.Trp (ACT) OH-58D Tonggo-Ri,RoK Camp Stanton
4.Sq/7.Cav/E.Trp (ACT) OH-58D Tonggo-Ri,RoK Camp Stanton
4.Sq/7.Cav/F.Trp (AVUM)   Tonggo-Ri,RoK Camp Stanton
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AA = Air Ambulance
AAF = Army Airfield

ACT = Air Cavalry Troop
AE = Aerial Exploitation
AHC = Assault helicopter company
ATK = Attack
ATS = Air traffic service
AvSuppBat =  Aviation support battalion
AVUM =  Aviation unit maintenance
AVIM =  Aviation intermediate maintenance
Bks =  Barracks
CAC = Command and control
CMD = Command
Evac = Evacuation
GSAB = General support aviation battalion
M = Medium helicopter
MI = Military intelligence
RC = Reserve component
SAC = Support aviation company 

United States Army Pacific Command (USARPAC).
The U. S. Army, Pacific serves as the Army Component Command to the Commander in Chief U. S. Pacific Command (USCINCPAC), less the geographic area of Korea. USARPAC commands active U. S. Army and U. S. Army Reserve forces in Alaska, Hawaii, Japan, and in possessions and trust territories administered by the United States in US Pacific command.

In October 2000, USARPAC became a Multi-Component Unit (MCU) and Army Service Component Command (ASCC) as part of the US Army transformation to meet the emerging security needs of the United States in which USARPAC continues to be a key strategic player. The whole idea of the multi-component unit is to give active army units additional resources to accomplish the mission. The multi-component integration is important in the overall picture of the Army's success going into the 21st century. With the Reserve and National Guard assuming a more active role in total Army operations and the "One Team, One Fight, One Future" concept, multi-component integration provides for a better understanding of each component's role in achieving victory.

USARPAC trains Army Forces for support of military operations and peacetime engagements in order to contribute to decisive victory and promote regional stability. USARPAC solicits, awards, and administers contracts in support of mission-related requirements, including administrative supplies and services, waste disposal, food services, minor construction, facilities, maintenance and repair, grounds maintenance, ADP equipment and services, and laundry services.

Following World War II, numerous Army headquarters in the central Pacific were consolidated with the goal of forming a single Army command based in Hawaii. In 1957, the U.S. Army, Pacific (USARPAC) was established at Fort Shafter, following inactivation of the Far East Command. As Army component of the unified command led by the U.S. Commander in Chief Pacific, USARPAC was assigned a threefold mission: Provide necessary ground Army combat forces; Support those forces administratively and logistically; and Provide reserves and contingency plans to meet any ground threat to United States interests in the Pacific.

On March 23, 1979, The Department of the Army announced the establishment of the U.S. Army Western Command (WESTCOM). Then, a decade later, U.S. Army forces in the Pacific were further consolidated. Army units in Alaska and in Japan were placed under the command of the Fort Shafter headquarters, which was once again designated U.S. Army, Pacific. The new command was formally reestablished on August 30, 1990.

In the years since the end of the Vietnam War, Army forces in the Pacific have participated in major peacekeeping operations in the Sinai Desert, and have provided humanitarian and disaster relief missions in Bangladesh, the Philippines, Guam, and the island of Kauai.

Although fully trained for warfare, USARPAC soldiers are also skilled in conducting operations other than war. Whether it is assuring order among refugees at Guantanamo, providing flood relief in the deltas of South Asia, or maintaining a cease fire in the Middle East, USARPAC personnel operate far and wide in peacekeeping and humanitarian missions. In late 1994, fully one half of the 25th Infantry Division deployed to Haiti as the United States and other governments worked to restore democracy to that unfortunate nation. Two years later, USARPAC peacekeepers went to Bosnia to help restore hope to that warshattered land. 

Joint Rear Area Coordination (JRAC)

The United States Army Pacific (USARPAC), in partnership with local, state and federal authorities, have developed a plan of preparedness for the state of Hawaii. The Commander-in-Chief, Pacific Command, has identified the USARPAC as the executive agent for joint rear area coordination (JRAC). This task is normally accomplished in a wartime theater of operation, but in this case, it is being accomplished for the state of Hawaii. Teaming with local and state civil organizations and federal agencies, JRAC-Hawaii (HI) has accomplished a significant amount in the short time since Sept. 11.

JRAC-HI is protecting its military installations by reducing and restricting entry points using roving patrols. Guard duties have completely changed. Guards must now understand the changing dynamics of a more dangerous world, and must learn to expect the unexpected. Military installations worldwide are now on the front lines and are the subject of surveillance and probes more than ever before. Guards must be more alert to activities both on and off the installations, and they must constantly vary security procedure patterns to eliminate predictability. They must also be linked to local law enforcement and must be the beneficiaries and target audience of a regular joint and interagency intelligence summary. Because of these changing conditions, JRAC-HI reinstituted more formalized guard mounts and instructions tailored to the current operational environment.

JRAC-HI has identified mission essential or vulnerable areas (MEVAs) both on and off the installations. MEVAs are facilities and capabilities essential to accomplishing the military mission. These MEVAs have been thoroughly assessed and security needs addressed. Tailored after general defense plan (GDP) battle books from the Cold War in Europe, MEVA folders detail every aspect relevant to the defense of these critical sites. Local civil authorities have done the same with over 150 of their own MEVAs and both the civil and military authorities regularly conduct site surveys.

JRAC-HI has fine-tuned  procedures for providing military support to civil authorities (MSCA) in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. As the executive agent for MSCA in Hawaii, American Samoa, and neighboring islands, JRAC-HI provides a defense-coordinating officer to coordinate military support of civilian consequence management operations. Even before Sept. 11, JRAC-HI maintained a close relationship with local and state government leaders, who can leverage many standing MSCA concepts and plans as the JRAC operation comes together. JRAC-HI's participation in steering committees and plenary groups, such as the Hawaii Emergency Preparedness Executive Committee, the Hawaii Energy Council and the Joint Armed Services/State of Hawaii Civil Defense Coordinating Committee, is instrumental in sharing information and developing joint and civil-military solutions to emerging challenges.

JRAC-HI has established quick reaction forces (QRFs) drawn from both U.S. Marine Corps and Army units. These QRFs are capable of moving on short notice by air or road to any place in the state to provide additional security or to assist in any other way. While awaiting adjudication at the national level on the procedures for employing those forces in domestic situations, JRAC-HI is regularly conducting joint training with civil authorities.

JRAC-HI has worked to identify seams in its collective efforts to secure Hawaii's soil and people. This coordination is taking place with all the military services in Hawaii, state and local civil defense (CD), U.S. Coast Guard (USCG), National Guard (NG), Honolulu Police Department (HPD), fire departments, and a host of other local and federal government agencies such as the state health and transportation departments. Also included in this effort are the FBI, Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), U.S. Customs Service (USCS) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), as well as selected private firms and enterprises involved in supporting Hawaii's critical infrastructure. The Joint Interagency Planning Group, established by USARPAC within days of the attacks, has been the principal driver behind this effort.

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