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    Southern Poverty Law Center - The Center for Propaganda for Socialism in America which opposes CITIZEN MILITIAS

    This is in Opposition of the Constitution as it was written and against the principles of Common Law... A REVERSE HATE GROUP -


    SPL #1
    SPL #2 patriot-movememnt
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         This group say they want to protect  on one hand - but then allow the deviant of society to brain wash and then misuse others or each other outside the Laws of Nature; Allowing for the existence of Voluntary Slavery  and Slavery - Through the relinquishment of inalienable rights. This Group, Communist / Socialist in nature,  places a form of "Subjugated Peace" under a central national government;  Instead of abiding by the True Principles of Freedom established in small well represented and independent republics;

    John Locke with regard to such a "peace"  word search LAMB on his Second Treatise on Civil Government.

    They are a proponent of reverse hate; and are a proponent for the use of National Federal force, cumulated by government "laws" which have been created without authority  - i.e. under the

    See Virginia Resolution, James Madison, denouncing when the government makes itself, and not the Constitution the Measure of its powers.








True Patriot The

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Regarding the



Constitutional, Direct, Anonymous, Citizen Controlled
Protecting freedoms and security of person, papers and property


Part of the "States Liberty Bill" sponsored by the American Patriot Party.

Do not confuse this "TRUE No Names No Numbers Tax" with similar tax titles.

After reading, please take a look at the:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

for this new True No Names No Numbers Anonymity Tax System which is part of the "States Liberty Bill";  

Note: Should any outside link referenced become out dated, you can usually view the page that is referenced by entering the address into the Wayback Machine Archive found at:


Federal Taxes

1.) The Federal Government will only receive import taxes (Tariffs) for it's operation.

2.) All Federal taxes will be collected by the States at ports of call.

3.) The Federal government will have no contact with the American citizen with regard to collecting taxes, receipts or records.

4.) The amount the federal government receives will be decided at the voting both.

5.) The IRS will be abolished, and the federal bureaucracy involvement  and burden in the states will be greatly reduced;

6.) This as it takes half the amount of taxes collected by the IRS to pay for all the regulations the Federal Government imposes;

7.) Listed is the Heritage Foundation information below (Which See Below)

8.) This will eliminate 50% or more of the tax burden at the start, as compliance costs incurred by citizens to comply with those regulations, which reach 240+ billion, will also be greatly reduced and in most areas completely eliminated.

9.) In this plan, all federal land will be returned to their respective states and counties, further reducing the need for additional federal regulation and bureaucracy.

10.) The Department of the Interior and Bureau of land management will be abolished.

11.)All other federal taxes within the stateswill be abolished and prohibited.


State Taxes

1.) States will have a electronic roadside devices in the same way they now have traffic counters - (see below example post for web sites that show traffic passes at these counters and an example), that will collect a small, no names no numbers toll tax amount of tax money in purposely low amounts to encourage more business and more travel from a pre paid sticker on your car as you pass;

2.) This "sticker" will act the same as a toll pass, phone card, or lottery ticket that you can buy at any store or market;

Any number of "passes" on each stamp can be purchased from a "stamp" machine and placed inside your window.

3.)No names will be collected and  no numbers will be collected that will connect the tax payer with the tax  or vehicle, the process is completely anonymous;

The reader will only signal the machine to transfer the amounts from what you have already paid when you purchased the stamp as you pass;

5.) and the moneys transferred to a bank  account pre-established at the voting both as to what public services that  money has been "ear marked" to go.

6.) The state / county or city will not be able to touch these "ear marked" accounts, and in areas such as roads, private enterprise will bid for accomplishing each of the ear tagged road tasks; low bid will take it and they will be bonded and insured so the amount they spend will not exceed the bid they make.

7.) When the tax is satisfied the counters stop collecting, completely automated.

8.) You can watch the tax be collected as you pass by a visible counter.

9.) The small amount collected by each pass, lets say for the sake of argument .03 cents per counter or less; will limit the reason to avoid the tax to near nil.

10.) A yellow light will show if your stamp is running low, a orange light shows a first or second non paid pass and a red light shows you may get a traffic ticket;

11.) A ticket which in this case will be  minimal but much more than the tax so not worth not swinging by the store  to pick up another sticker.

12.)Major Criminal Offense of Tax Evasion Removed;

This also takes away  the heavy criminal penalties from the tax system, which incarcerates hundreds a year at a huge cost to tax payers who pay for these "so called" criminal's housing, dental, doctor etc. for an average of 40 months each!

14.) See the below post on this site for  state web sites with this information.

15.) The attorney costs, court costs, investigations and all related expenses will be no longer needed.

16.) No more worry about deadlines or discrepancies on a piece of paper.... Relief!

The business "inside" America will be free trade. Absolutely Free and Private Trade.




Understand this, This is Lesson #1:


Why Un-enumerated Flat or Flat Percentage Taxes Do Not Work


2.) It is NOT about WHO pays the tax; But it is about WHAT the tax is paid FOR

To illustrate why
any tax that uses fairness i.e. Jealousy to tax the wealthy, simply taxes the POOR harder and keeps them poor;

as well as eventually financially enslaves them.

First you need to recognize your ENEMY, and that enemy is"YOU".

1.) Your Ignorance.
2.) Your Jealousy.

Now to recognize it in yourself, I will make you not only jealous of me, I will make you hate me.

First I will tell you I am rich, filthy rich (I am not, but that is what I'm using to make you recognize jealousy i.e. your worst enemy which is YOU).

Next, I will make you hate me: "You miserable pathetic poor person! I have everything I want! EVERYTHING! More Money, Cars, big house(S), boats, I'm always on vacation because I never need to work! I make so much money! HA HA but YOU! You pathetic little poor person, you will always be poor! Working for little to nothing! What is more, you will never get my money! Because I am RICH! HA HA RICH! And I will keep you poor by being so RICH! I will pay you nothing just so to KEEP YOU POOR!"

Feel that little enemy called "Jealousy"? good.

Now let us examine why taxing because of  jealousy of the wealthy will never work, and why taxes need to be directed at what a tax is FOR; and

Why taxing the wealthy only taxes the poor by passing on the "BURDEN" of the TAX:

Let's say I am a wealthy shoe maker, and there is no income tax; I make a shoe for .50 and sell it for $1.00 for a .50 profit.

Now lets say a Jealousy tax (income tax, sales tax, Flattax, Fairtax or  other) is created on my shoe of .25;

As a good business man, I will look to maintain my .50 profit;

A good business man will attempt to absorb override ANY expenses by including them in the selling price,

Below illustrates what happens when you
attempt to tax the wealthy harder because of JEALOUSY i.e. fairness.

Cost of             Profit      Tax     Final Cost      Who pays the             Who pays the actual      Who benefits
Manufacture                              of product      tax via "tax form"      BURDEN of the tax

.50                     .50             .25         1.25            Shoe Company          YOU                                    Government-Unions-Corporations
.50                     .50             .50         1.50            Shoe Company          YOU                                    Government-Unions-Corporations

Now lets say that this makes you MAD, and you don't think that this is "FAIR"   You are so "JEALOUS" that you want to force them to pay taxes that will reduce their profits; So you tax them harder! (brilliant) You tax them .75 on every shoe! The Shoe manufacturer realizes that he cannot sell the shoe on the market for 1.75, so to maintain his profit margin, he makes his shoes for less, either by reducing quality, reducing number of workers i.e. "downsizing" or becoming more efficient.

Cost of             Profit      Tax     Final Cost      Who pays the             Who pays the actual      Who benefits
Manufacture                              of product      tax via "tax form"      BURDEN of the tax

.35                     .65             .75         1.75            Shoe Company          YOU                                     

Now your really MAD! (in more ways than one  - as in insanity); So you Tax them even harder!!! 1.00 a shoe! The Shoe maker cannot manufacturer the shoe in the United States and maintain his profit margin; So he fires his workers and produces his shoes in China and also increases his profit margin.

Cost of             Profit      Tax     Final Cost      Who pays the             Who pays the actual      Who benefits
Manufacture                              of product      tax via "tax form"      BURDEN of the tax

.05                     .70          1.00        1.75             Shoe Company           YOU                                     Government-Unions-Corporations

This makes you HATE the shoe company; and in your Jealous insanity, you tax them 1.25 on every shoe!

The shoe maker closes shop, retires or invests in something different that is taxed less. China makes the shoe for .02 (manufactured in India) and is happy to make .73 per shoe.

Cost of             Profit      Tax     Final Cost      Who pays the              Who pays the actual       Who benefits
Manufacture                              of product      tax via "tax form"      BURDEN of the tax

.02                     .73          1.25        2.00             Shoe Company           YOU                                     Government-Unions-Corporations-China

Now the Consumer is stuck with paying 2.00 a shoe and a tax and bloated government that continues to create more BUREAUCRACIES that impose greater taxes to support their dependency on tax money;

To support their job dependency, they create more REGULATIONS that reduce free trade further.

This is how socialism advances.

Now you think the story ends here....

It gets MUCH better.


The Shoe maker creates a Corporation (state  born exclusive privilege of cartel)  with a few Union officials and lobbies congress for a military shoe contract using mostly India labor and produces a army boot for .05 and sells it to the military for 49.95!!! You might argue that a graduated income tax would make the company pay more taxes, but that would only compound the problem by giving more money to government, government contracts, Government Unions, Tax supported special interests and undelegated state and federal bureaucracies; a flat set percentage sales tax would only guarantee increase to government with an increase in the private sector.

Cost of             Profit      Tax     Final Cost      Who pays the                Who pays the actual      Who benefits
Manufacture                              of product      tax via "tax form"        BURDEN of the tax

.05                     48.20     1.75   50.00                 Shoe Company             YOU                                     Government-Unions-Corps-India

Now do you understand why trying to tax WHO is futile;

This is because it is NOT taxing for the REAL PURPOSE of what taxes are "FOR";

The REAL PURPOSE of Taxes are "WHAT"  the tax is paid "FOR", is for NECESSARY SERVICES;

That means ENUMERATED for actual cost of  those services ONLY; ..... BEFORE "CONSENSUALLY" (Very important)  giving it to government.

This LIMITS the amount everyone has to pay.

NOT to throw a flat percentage tax amount from either sales, income or property that is collected far in excess of that, only to create more and more government dependency upon it.

A.) The Democrats use Jealousy to increase Union government bureaucracies and tax supported Special Interest groups;

B.) Republican's (those that are corporate capitalists) Use the money derived from that jealousy to lobby for large government contracts also Union Contracts.

C.) All are State born "Exclusive Privileged" and undelegated cartels which  should not even exist in a free country.

Some important understanding is that:

1.) You cannot base taxation on who pays taxes simply through a "tax form" given to the government without considering who will actually pay the "BURDEN" of the tax.

2.) Often income tax only creates the role of tax collector on the part  of who it collects taxes from, distorting who actually pays the "BURDEN" of taxation.

3.) Where taxes are considered by a service provider or manufacturer, which is almost considered by every business man, "EVERYONE" pays taxes;

4.) This absolutely discredits any reports that attempt to establish there is a percentage of people who pay ALL the taxes in the United States; as tax forms are far from the exclusive determinator of who pays taxes.

5.) This also discredits any reports that there is anyone who does not pay taxes simply because they do not fill out a tax form;

6.) "ANYONE" who buys a product, hires a service, rents, buys gas, or other from anyone or ANY entity who considers his own taxation so to establish a price he will receive for that product or service so to be able to pay it, which ANY business man does, PAYS TAXES;

7.) "ANYONE who does ANYTHING" to spend money within the United States "PAYS TAXES";

8.) Those end users of the system will pay the highest percentage of their earnings in this way, as they will be unable to Write-off the tax or transfer it elsewhere onto the price of products etc.

9.) This is why taxing "WHO" pays the tax, instead of limiting to "WHAT" the tax is supposed to be collected for, simply does not work;

10.) Regulation and FLAT percentage taxes, on sales or income, guaranteeing a percentage to government without oversight and consent BEFORE giving it, simply empowers Government and Exclusive privileges and creates waste.

11.) It also flies in the face of those who "attempt to establish" that  all illegal aliens do not pay taxes, which "IN FACT THOSE THAT LIVE AND WORK HERE DO";

If they rent, buy products, buy gas, by food or any liquid such as milk  or soft drinks or anything while they are here, >>>>THEY ARE PAYING THE "BURDEN OF TAXATION" ATTACHED TO THOSE PRODUCTS OR SERVICES.

This is not to say that they should be misusing our laws, it simply establishes a gross misstatement that all aliens, or that anyone that does not pay taxes simply because they do not make out a "income tax form" does not pay taxes. A complete lie;

12.) These type statements derail the American public as to the real problem; and that is not abiding by the Constitutional way taxation is suppose to be; DIRECT CONSENSUAL TAXATION FOR ONLY THOSE THINGS THE GOVERNMENT HAS BEEN DELEGATED TO TAX THE PEOPLE FOR.

Virginia Ratifying Convention 6-16-1788

Mr. PENDLETON: "Mr. Chairman, this clause does "NOT" give Congress power to impede the operation of ANY PART of the Constitution, (N)or to make >>>"ANY REGULATION" that may affect the interests of the citizens of the Union "AT LARGE".

Mr. GEORGE NICHOLAS: "....He endeavored to show the committee that it only empowered Congress to make such laws as would be necessary to enable them to >>>>pay the public debts and >>>>provide for the common defence;

that this "GENERAL WELFARE" was united, "NOT" to "the general power of legislation", but to the "particular power"  of laying and collecting taxes, imposts, and excises, for the purpose of paying the debts and providing for the "common defence",

that is, that they could raise ONLY as much money as would pay the (1) debts  and provide for the (2) "common defence",

"in consequence of "THIS" power".

 The clause which was affectedly called the sweeping clause contained "NO new grant of power".

To illustrate this position, he observed that, if it had been added at the end of every one of the enumerated powers, instead of being inserted at the end of all, it would be obvious to any one that it was "NO" augmentation of power. If, for instance, at the end of the clause granting power to lay and collect taxes, it had been added that they should have power to make necessary and proper laws to lay and collect taxes, who could suspect it to be an addition of power?

As it would grant "NO" new power if inserted at the end of each clause,  it could not when subjoined to the whole...."

It was clear to the Founder's, that FEDERAL TAXES CAN BE COLLECTED FOR TWO THINGS ONLY!!!!

Review the CONSTITUTIONAL way to collect Taxes that removes costly REGULATION costs, LEGAL and INCARCERATION costs and COMPLIANCE costs:

Learn More:

The "A"  or Anonymity Tax system is a Constitutionally correct tax:

Promote this link:

See also 2006 and 2009 newsletters regarding Founder's warnings 6-16-1788 of government granting "Exclusive Privileges".



Factors That Need to be Understood Regarding Taxes

There are three major considerations in collecting taxes that effect how much taxes are actually put to what services you are purchasing:

1.) Tax regulation

2.) Compliance costs to Tax payers to comply with tax regulations

3.) Enforcement costs which include:

    a.) Investigating offenders;

    b.) Trying offenders,

    c.) Incarcerating and caring for offenders while in custody.

All these require huge expensive bureaucracies and tax BURDENS.

Regulation Costs More than its Worth

Here is a article from the Heritage Foundation: (shown below);

You will find the cost of regulation is the issue.

Take away the need for regulation with a tax that does not require a massive bureaucracy such as a no names no number anonymous tax toll tax system, and the tax burden will be reduced by as much as 50% and more.

Presently regulation costs 50% of Direct Taxation collected. That means  50% percent of the taxes goes to paying for the services the taxes are collected for.

This is why a flat tax, sales tax, fair tax and any tax that requires regulation and is not enumerated, will never lower taxes or be efficient, as they all require the expensive bureaucracy to regulate "who pays what".

Remove the regulation and you remove 50% of the tax burden right from the start.



Government's Hidden Tax: Time to Account For the Cost of Regulation
by Angela Antonelli
Executive Memorandum #459

September 10, 1996 | |

"The Senate is expected soon to consider H.R. 3756, the Treasury and postal appropriations bill, which includes funding for the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB). On July 23, the Senate Appropriations Committee adopted an amendment -- Section 645, offered by Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK) -- requiring OMB to prepare an accounting statement that estimates the cumulative costs and benefits of federal regulatory programs. OMB already is responsible for reviewing regulatory actions to ensure that they are consistent with the Administration's regulatory principles and agenda.

While there is much debate about federal taxes, spending, and the need to balance the budget, considerably less is known and understood about the benefits and burdens of regulation. Unlike federal tax and spending programs, no comprehensive cost accounting system exists for regulation. But regulatory costs -- $677 billion in 1996 --
are nearly one-half the cost of direct taxation. And the economic impact is significant; according to one estimate, federal regulations cause $1.3 trillion in U.S. economic activity to be lost each year. Just as the annual federal budget allows policy makers and the public to debate and decide what programs to support and which ones to scale back and eliminate, information on regulatory costs and benefits would help them to determine what regulations do the most good for the money spent, set regulatory priorities accordingly, and minimize the burden on the economy.

A Good First Step
Under the Stevens proposal, OMB would be required to submit to Congress by September 30, 1997, a report on the cumulative costs and benefits of federal regulatory programs. OMB also must report on the effect of federal rules, both on the private sector and on the federal government, and provide estimates of the costs and benefits of rules costing more than $100 million annually. The public would have an opportunity to comment on the OMB report before it is submitted to Congress. OMB also would have to offer recommendations to Congress and the President about how to reform regulatory programs that are not a "sound use of national resources." This is a sensible first step toward improving oversight and promoting greater efficiency throughout the federal regulatory system.

This proposal will be criticized by federal regulators and politicians.  Regulation is one of the most politically convenient ways to carry out public  policy because it typically does not require substantial, direct taxation  or government spending. This is particularly appealing in an era of federal  budgetary restraint. The Clinton Administration has put at least 10,000 new  pages of federal rules on the books since 1993. But how much has this cost,  and what did the American people get for their money? Because regulators gain power by regulating as much as possible, with little to stop them from regulating as if it cost nothing, opponents will use the same misleading rhetoric against this proposal that they used to defeat a far more comprehensive regulatory reform bill in 1995. The following three myths are typical:

MYTH #1: It is doubtful that reliable estimates of costs and benefits can be developed.

There is no dearth of methodological tools available for estimating the costs and benefits of federal regulations. The Department of Commerce regularly surveys business establishments to collect information on expenditures caused by particular regulatory programs. Since 1981, every President has required federal agencies to consider costs and benefits in their regulatory decision making. To assist them, OMB developed guidelines for such analysis. Even though federal agencies try to avoid any effort to measure the costs and benefits of their actions, dozens of these analyses have been done over the last 15 years. Between 1990 and 1995, for example, EPA did at least 70 rule-specific cost-benefit analyses. Ironically, in 1993, the Clinton Administration removed hundreds of rules from OMB review, de-emphasizing the need for cost-benefit analysis.

MYTH #2: Any attempt to measure the costs and benefits of regulations will consume a significant amount of new resources.

With more than 130,000 federal regulators spending more than $14 billion annually to develop and enforce regulations, how can more be needed? The Clinton Administration itself recognizes that federal agencies -- which have been required to consider costs and benefits of regulatory actions since 1981 -- "are the repositories of significant substantive expertise and experience...." In addition, OMB's Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, which reviews rules before they are issued, has a fiscal 1996 budget of more than $5 million and a staff of about 30 analysts and economists with years of experience reviewing and evaluating agency cost-benefit analyses. During the Bush Administration, OMB reported on the aggregate costs of regulations in a publication that later was stopped by the Clinton Administration; no such information has been published since then. 2 OMB already is in an excellent position to work with other agencies to prepare this statement, but Congress must demand that it be done and that it be made available to the public.

MYTH #3: This is just the first step in an effort to justify a "roll back" of important public health, safety, and environmental protections.

The opposite would be true. Strengthening the use of cost-benefit analysis in regulatory decision making would mean higher levels of protection. A recent Harvard study estimated that current regulation of health risks is so inefficient that for the same investment of resources, we could save an additional 636,000 years of life--60,200 premature deaths every year-- simply by changing our priorities.

The Clinton Administration and its allies in Congress already are on record as supporting regulatory cost accounting as part of more comprehensive regulatory reform legislation in 1995. In addition, President Clinton's Executive Order 12866 on Regulatory Planning and Review requires federal agencies to "assess the costs and benefits" of regulations. The Stevens amendment simply suggests that the numbers should be added up so the American people can have some idea of the kinds of regulatory decisions their government is making and how good a job federal regulators are doing.

This is a good first step, and Congress must go further and implement a regulatory budget like the one proposed in H.R. 3277 by Representative Lamar Smith (R-TX). A regulatory budget would force federal regulators to operate within limits, much as an agency's fiscal budget does. Both Congress and the President would be accountable to the public for making sure that economic resources are allocated in a manner that produces the greatest benefit to society."

End notes

1. The author was an Assistant Branch Chief  at OMB from 1989 to 1993.

2. See Executive Office of the President, Office of Management and Budget, Regulatory Program of the U.S. Government, April 1, 1991-March 31, 1992, p. 5.

End of Heritage Foundation Report

Here the direction is correct to put a rope around costs, but they fall short when they ask the federal government to work within their means.

The object would be to not only have the federal expenses itemized and brought to light, but to completely separate the way the federal tax is collected and have them collect it from imports;collected by state employees at port of calls; thus removing contact with the American civilian and completely removing all IRS REGULATION and associated costs for citizen regulation (see previous detailed posts).

States picking up their own costs with a No names No numbers small non invasive automated toll tax.

This article above outlines the major problem, and that is the cost of "Regulation"(i.e. Bureaucracy).

A non invasive tax with out the present federal regulation would cut the taxpayers "burden" in half. (and these figures are 12 years old!)

Remember, it is the BURDEN of what we have to pay of taxes that makes the BURDEN on tax payers heavy and taxes so high - not who pays the tax.

Reduce the BURDEN required and reduce the tax BURDEN on everyone.


Compliance Costs

The Tax Foundation backs up this same burden, regulation is the major problem and the reason why the change is absolutely necessary.

It is a big article, this is just a segment,

go to the web site:

Links from these sites change, if so, do a search for "Tax Foundation Tax Compliance 2002" on Google or on the

Heritage Foundation  Report

"In 2002 individuals, businesses and non-profits will spend an estimated 5.8 billion hours complying with the federal income tax code (henceforth called"compliance costs"), with an estimated compliance cost of over $194 billion. This amounts to imposing a 20.4-cent tax compliance surcharge for every dollar the income tax system collects. By 2007, the compliance cost is estimated, conservatively, at $244.3 billion."

End Segment from Heritage Foundation Report

This article outlines the reason for the confusion in choosing between all the present tax systems;

They all require massive bureaucracies.

This confusion keeps you from making the serious changes needed.

The reason for taxation is not to regulate people, it is to gather moneyfor services needed.

If one thinks that "no taxation with out representation" means having representatives represent you, you have lost what was meant by the founding fathers.

The British had "representatives" for the Colonists.

This is what they were fighting against, unlimited taxation by representatives which is present today.

The meaning is not having a "representative in person"; but having a tax"representative of what item or service is needed" and no more. It is further defined by the
17th Grievance of the Declaration of Independence as "No taxation without Consent"

This needs to be very clear when you make decisions regarding taxes.

Step away from this understanding and you loose all perspective.


 Real Definition of our Inalienable Rights as Tax payers

To understand the laws regarding taxes in a free country you need to understand the INTENT of the founders.

The real description and meaning is outlined in the 17th Grievance of the Declaration of Independence where it outlines what actions a government takes that makes it a tyrannical government.

17th Grievance: "For imposing taxes on us without our CONSENT;"

Consent means to voluntarily contribute without being coerced; For those things you agree to, need, and are Constitutionally allowed to government to supply.(state or federal constitutions)


Huge Cost of Present Tax Regulation Enforcement

Below is listed the Federal Census on Tax Enforcement Costs and Statistics.
This shows the high cost of Tax enforcement.

The No Names No Numbers Toll Tax or True Patriot Tax System will reduce the need for harsh enforcement as it will reduce the need of enforcement down to the equivalent of a small traffic ticketfor a small traffic violation.

This will take away the high cost no incurred by taxpayers to investigate, convict, incarcerate, and care for (feed, doctor and dental) throughout their stay.

It will get rid of the tax payer fear of government retribution as such retribution will simply no longer exist.


Present Federal Tax System Enforcement Statistics

Federal Statistics                                   OR                    USA
Population, 2002 estimate  ----------     3,521,515 ------ 288,368,698
Employment in government, 2000  --      269,212 -------- 22,741,000
Average earnings per job, 2000  -----        32,493 -------------- 36,316
Personal income per capita, 2000-----       27,660 -------------- 29,469

* Copy the post and line the numbers up under the Fiscal Years (FY 19--) and you will get the picture:

Investigations Initiated -
Fiscal Year













Tax Investigations













Other Financial Crimes


























Prosecutions Recommended Tax Investigations













Other Financial Crimes


























Indictments Informations Filed Tax













Other Financial Crimes


























Sentenced Tax













Other Financial Crimes


























Special Agents On-Board













IRS Web sites:,,id=112058,00.html,,id=107485,00.html

Current Fiscal Year Investigations - Criminal Investigation (CI)
Fiscal Year 2004
as of 01/31/04

How to Interpret Criminal Investigation Data

Since actions on a specific investigation may cross fiscal years, the data shown in cases initiated may not always represent the same universe of cases shown in other actions within the same fiscal year.

Investigations Initiated-------------------     1118
Prosecution Recommendations----------      859
Information/Indictments-----------------       683
Total Convictions---------------------------    578
Total Sentenced*---------------------------     583
Percent to Prison----------------------------      84.4%
Average Months to Serve-------------------     43

*Sentence includes confinement to federal prison, halfway house, home detention, or some combination thereof.

Data Source: Criminal Investigation Management Information System.

End of Federal Statistics


Lets first look at the 2805 "Special Agents on Board" their ongoing salaries, benefits, PERS and retirements.

Alone this is far more than is needed for all the automated toll counters.

Now lets take a look at investigative expenses, fuel, paper phone calls, court filings, attorneys.

Now lets take the HUGE expense of court costs to prosecute, district attorneys, judges, attorneys, witnesses.

The fact that we will pay for prosecution and to support 583 prisoners, for an average 43 months each will pay for all automated toll counters, any   employees or technicians, and more employees to wash your car while they are at it.

The IRS and the present tax system is making criminals out of ordinary citizens.

Don't tell me these people are criminal, I know some that have been attacked by this system just trying to put food on the table because they didn't quite make the forms out correctly and they have had their bank accounts locked until every bit of "their" precious money was sent in.

It is our money. Not any one else's. Tax money should be collected for necessary services, not employment, benefits or retirement for unneeded government bureaucracy.

Check your own state out, see how many so called "hardened tax criminals" you are supporting with your tax dollars.

I hope I am making a point here.

The fact is, we need a  No names, No numbers, Anonymous Tax System for a free people.

This way, when there is an infraction, it is a small parking ticket infraction:

And not hard prison time, or further burden  to the rest of the public for prison care of individuals incarcerated.


What it Costs to House Prisoners

Here are some articles for reading concerning the inmates in Oregon i.e. where some are those are jailed for taxes and other non violent crimes - The whole story is at:

Prisoners get great benefits also:

.... Reyes-Camarena, 47, has been on Oregon's death row since 1996, when he was convicted of repeatedly stabbing 32- and 18-year-old sisters he met in a farm-labor camp. The older woman survived 17 stab wounds to testify against him.

"Every year, as Reyes-Camarena appeals his conviction, Oregon which is struggling through budget cuts and having a tough time providing a basic education for its children and health care for its poorer citizens pays a reported $121,000 a year to keep Reyes-Camarena on dialysis. Last month, his prison doctor determined he was a good candidate for a kidney transplant......."

".... According to the most recent statistics by the National Commission on Correctional Health Care, inmate medical-care expenses nationwide have risen at least 7 percent since 1997 because of rising prison populations and longer life span of inmates. In Oregon alone, the state budget for prison health care rose from $41 million from 1997 to $60 million in 2003...."

* Another reason the tax law and system should be changed;

We do not save money by putting people in jail from poor laws regarding  taxes. They get better benefits there than while working:

These systems say "If you can't afford health care in your state, come to Oregon and don't pay your taxes.

Wah la! Kidney transplant, dentures, teeth whitening".

If this wasn't so sad it would be funny.


People struggle and worry over paying high taxes when it is caused by our government waste and failure to simply reduce it's size and it's costly way of collection and regulation.


See also more on this and other states:

and on privatization:

By comparison, the Oregon Department of Corrections incarcerates 4,650 adult medium and minimum security inmates at an average of (1990) $50.78 + per manday, plus an allocated overhead cost of $6.59 per manday.

As posted earlier, tax "criminals" spend an average of approx. 3.5 years in prison. This is an equivalent of sick leave for major surgery, and recovery.

See also: or see and use search or search by

"Since voters passed Measure 11 in 1994, clamping long sentences on a wide variety of felony crimes committed by people 15 years and older, the prison population has ballooned from roughly 7,000 inmates to nearly 12,000.

When more prisoners serve longer terms, the state's medical expenses rise.


Creating or keeping laws such as our present  tax system that make hard working citizens criminals, is not the answer.


Solutions to Taxation

The No names, No numbers, Anonymity Tax System is for true patriots in a true free country.

The "No Names No Numbers Anonymity Tax" is actually only one part of several tax and bureaucratic burden reforms that will change the way we as Americans pay taxes. 

The growing concerns of encroachment on individual freedoms and pressures from government regulations on truly free enterprise have in the last half of this century entrenched themselves in such a way that there is nothing left to do but cut out the problem from the core.

The first goal is to outline the already obvious attacks on freedom that has been caused by over regulation to pay for a over bloated bureaucracy;

Then take further steps to implement solutions of true freedom.

View these at the
American Patriot Partywhich deals with the Founders intent of a free country as defined clearly in the Declaration of Independence and earlier documents that define freedom by Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry, John Adams Thomas Jefferson and other Originating Founders of this country and the true definition of freedom itself.

This site is concerning, and for promoting, the only
True Patriot Tax -The "No Names, No Numbers, Anonymity Tax" .

To guard against fraudulent similar tax bills and promotions, The
The "No Names, No Numbers, Anonymity Tax" is presented by Richard Taylor; PO Box 637, Ashland, Oregon 97520.



The No names, No numbers,
Anonymity Tax


This Proposed The "No Names, No Numbers, Anonymity Tax" system, is a tax specifically created to protect true freedom and true control over government.

This tax will implement a No namesNo numbers tax systemThe "A" or "Anonymity" Tax (A true constitutionally sound patriot tax) where import taxes will pay for federal government and military and state toll or Entry taxes will pay for state, county and city tax needs.

These two taxes will be clearly divided systems with no gray areas from where taxes are collected and which segment of government revenues go to.

This Tax will eliminate the IRS completely.

Federal Import taxes will be collected directly by a port of entry or individual state elected personnel who will transfer the collections to the federal government account.

The "No Names, No Numbers, Anonymity Tax" is a very simple tax.

It is simply a automatic collection reading machine on a major highways  in and out of a state, city and/or county for the collection of tax money

The collection counters will be located in the same location as are the  traffic counters already in place.

The major freedom factor, is that there are no names attached, no one, and especially the government, no one knows who pays the tax;

 The tax is simply paid and clearly seen as paid by a automatic meter which extracts a small amount from an amount already paid by the tax payer when the stamp was purchased.

No more bureaucracy or other huge absorbent costs that go on forever; and no one knows your business, no one.

It is a true freedom tax for a free country and a free people.

Collecting is accomplished by an automated collection meter that reads a stamp that is purchased and placed on the bumper, inside window or other visible spot on your vehicle;

The stamp is purchased in the same fashion as purchasing a phone card, or toll pass that you use until the money is gone;

No names or numbers registered are kept track of between purchaser and stamp and any number of meter passes can be purchased.

Stamps can be purchased just like phone  cards, toll passes or lottery tickets at any of the same stores that sell  these.

When crossing state lines, Toll Tax stamps purchased by visitors and are collected in change or check are retrieved by the postal service and delivered to a bank for counting by machine.

Replacing all State Tax collections for the most part (except "Use" and completely voluntary taxes such as lotteries) with a automated money transfer; and when collected at state lines, with a branch of the Postal Service (for interstate state highway collections) to simply move collected funds to a bank for collection dispersal to ear tagged accounts.

Once the amount of tax money which has been voted on by voters for that  years expenditures is satisfied which is clearly indicated in a tax goal  amount on each booth,the booths close and no more tax money  is collected.


Federal Taxes

This tax will abolish the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) completely

1.) Federal Taxes are collected separately;

2.) All federal taxes are collected by Import taxes at the borders or Ports of Entry.

3.) All federal and state taxes will be collected by state or county employees, not federal employees;

4.) The federal government will not collect taxes.

5.) No federal tax is collected from US citizenry.

6.) Taxes for federal expenditures collected only on value of imported goods.

7.) This tax will abolish all property, income, sales, death, gift, inheritance taxes and any other tax that requires the individual be known to the government for or from taxation or from any other government cause or requirement.

This is rooted in freedoms history from the Rights of the Colonists 1772:

"First,"The first fundamental positive law of all Commonwealths or States, is the establishing the legislative power; as the first fundamental natural/law also, which is to govern even the legislative power itself, is the preservation of the Society."6

Secondly,The Legislative has no right to absolute arbitrary power over the lives and fortunes of the people: Nor can mortals assume a prerogative, not only too high for men, but for Angels; and therefore reserved for the exercise of the Deity alone.--

"The Legislative cannot Justly assume to itself a power to rule by extempore arbitrary decrees; but it is bound to see that Justice is dispensed, and that the rights of the subjects be decided, by promulgated, standing and known laws, and authorized independent Judges;" that is independent as far as possible of Prince or People. "There shall be one rule of Justice for rich and poor; for the favorite in Court, and the Countryman at the Plough."

Thirdly,The supreme power cannot Justly take from any man, any part of his property without his consent, in person or by his Representative.--

These are some of the first principles of natural law & Justice, and the
great Barriers of all free states,..."

 (see a free country's system of taxation below).


Description of Taxes to be Abolished

Lets at first agree with this fact; The size of the government bureaucracy is the greatest reason for high taxes. In combination with this new tax, a freeze on federal hiring coupled with new less restricting zoning laws will expand growth in the private market and reduce the burden of government on this country.

          " Property Tax being the most abhorrent of Americas taxes, it keeps the poorest from improving themselves; or obtaining wealth through simple ownership, development and time value increases. I know people who do not even paint their house to keep from being taxed higher. This should never be.

Once property is owned it should be owned absolutely, owing to none and  subject to none. A man who has no income should in the very least have absolute  security in his home and property; this is a Right guaranteed by the  Declaration of Independence  and Constitution to be "Secure in ones person, papers and effects (property).

Samuel Adams - Rights of the Colonists 1772:

"Now what liberty can there be, where property is taken away without

"Overuses" of property ownership hoarding through financial collectives such as kings, corporations, unions, special interests, trusts or governments that attempt to consume all private land and keep it from access from being purchased by the general public and to control a free country by collective wealth and civilian dependency on protected socially controlled industry , or the "super rich", in a free country attempting to be kings -  Example: Bill Gates buying all the land in the United States and renting it back to the people for a fee;

This should be controlled through local "monopoly laws" which directly address each issue, not a 'blanket tax' that sorely abuses those who can least afford it; and hold the most needy from freely bettering themselves.

It is a fact that a man should be able to buy five, 40, 160, 480 or more acres, build a mansion upon it from the rock and mortar found on the land, live on a garden he raises and owe no man or government anything;
This is freedom.


John Locke 194. "Their persons are free by a native right, and their properties, be they more or less, are their own, and at their own dispose, and not at his; or else it is no property. Supposing the conqueror gives to one man a thousand acres, to him and his heirs for ever; to another he lets a thousand acres, for his life, under the rent of L50 or L500 per annum. Has not the one of these a right to his thousand acresfor ever, and the other during his life, paying the said rent? And hath not the tenant for life a property in all that he gets over and above his rent, by his labour and industry, during the said term, supposing it be double the rent? Can any one say, the king, or conqueror, after his grant, may, by his power of conqueror, take away all, or part of the land, from the heirs of one, or from the other during his life, he paying the rent? Or, can he take away from either the goods or money they have got upon the said land at his pleasure? If he can, then all free and voluntary contracts cease, and are void in the world; there needs nothing but power enough to dissolve them at any time, and all the grants and promises of men in power are but mockery and collusion.For can there be anything more ridiculous than to say, I give you and yours this for ever, and that in the surest and most solemn way of conveyance can be devised, and yet it is to be understood that I have right, if I please, to take it away from you again to-morrow?"

APP Note: Relate this to US Land Patents absolute granting of properties; and the Attempt now of the Federal Government to "Condemn" or claim "Immanent Domain" to take such land (or water by common law attached to the land) later; Or the state to condemn such property after giving consent to adjudicate such transfer by authority of the United States by which it was a party; or to create new regulations upon it after granting it with none; To encircle that land in national monument and control the inroads and water, or to regulate limits to anything with regard to it; or to arbitrarily tax it into debt and thereby rendering the land not owned but rented; when no taxes were in established at the receiving of it; or to tax it without consent; or tax without consent for things built upon that property to improve its value or raised upon it to derive sustenance and earnings from his labors; or derive any such without consent from those he wills it to; Or to impose "Immanent Domain", a power no where granted the federal or state governments, and against all principles of common law, common law not removed by the Original Compacts - i.e. constitutions, and a right that remains.

And you will find the neither the federal government, nor the state government has any power to do so, nor has any power of such been delegated to it by the Original Compact.

For once property is possessed of a person, it is any governments duty to protect it; and not to devise a design to wrest it away after all rights had been released; As this clearly established by Locke that the protection of property is the purpose of government and the reason that the person enters into society.

John Locke #195: I will not dispute now whether princes are exempt from the laws of their country, but this I am sure, theyowe subjection to the laws of God and Nature. Nobody, no power can exempt them from the obligations of that eternal law. Those are so great and so strong in the case of promises, that Omnipotency itself can be tied by them. Grants, promises, and oaths are bonds that hold the Almighty, whatever some flatterers say to princes of the world, who, all together, with all their people joined to them, are, in comparison of the great God, but as a drop of the bucket, or a dust on the balance -- inconsiderable, nothing!

Virginia Ratifying Convention 1788, George Nicholas:  But the "COMMON LAW" is "NOT EXCLUDED". There is "NOTHING" in "that paper" (APP Note: referring to the US Constitution being considered)  to warrant the assertion." ...A bill of rights is only an acknowledgment of the preexisting claim to rights in the people. They belong to us as much as if they had been inserted in the Constitution."

See: Socialism:

See Social Collectives:


Present Unjust Taxation

          " Income Tax being the most invasive and intrusive tax, for which the main purpose is governments ability to keep track of people and force and control the distribution of wealth, which is the socialistic and communistic trait to this tax.

Why income tax is unjust:

  Contrary from what has been promoted, taxes paid by the wealthiest, though the visible surface tax dollars paid are higher, it does not present who actually pays the taxes.

Taxes paid by the wealthiest are usually factored in as an expense in production and factored into the price of the product.

This directly  conveys the tax to the  consumer who in the greatest populous has no way to defer the cost.

This occurs also in import taxes that reflects tax in the price of imported products.

The end purchaser who cannot defer the tax always pays the tax.

The tax "payer" is not always the one  who pays the actual "burden" of the tax.

          " Sales Tax being of the least intrusive taxes still creates a huge bureaucracy to employ it, regulate it; and again is still highly invasive on the free enterprises that are subject to collect it and keep record of it. The use of modern technology to make this easier to do, is no excuse to allow for its invasiveness on a free society.

          " Death Tax and Gift taxes are wealth redistribution taxes that take a persons hard earned money or money fairly earned and give it to others who did not earn it and to whom it was not earned for.

These are not only the most socialistic and communistic forms of taxation, but also the most criminal. Any criminal theft that presents itself in the form of a tax is, and will always be, such a crime unacceptable in a free country.

          " All other taxes save for "Use" Taxes.

Other Wasteful, Invasive Forms of Taxation


Flat Tax, Fair Tax, National Sales Tax, Contract Tax, Consumption Tax, Progressive Taxation, and

Any Type of taxation that retains the bureaucracy to require records, names, numbers of either individual, retailer, purchaser, property or consumption.

For more on the American Patriot Party's opposition to unenumerated percentage taxesGo Here.


Other Acceptable Forms of Taxation (States Only)

          " Use Taxes:

Use Taxes (in a state and for that state / county use only), which can only be collected for the usage it pertains to, are a feasible and fair form of taxation; so long as their use, amounts are correctly represented, CONSENSUAL , established by open contract bid and for the exact purpose they are created; and when the adjustment or abolishment of them, when necessary, are controlled solely by the vote of the people and available for such to be exercised at every election, including the option of abolishment and with automatic sunset if not enough votes in favor are cast for continuation.

          " Voluntary Taxes:

Completely Voluntary taxes such as state lotteries; or voluntary donations for specific needs are acceptable; However no tax shall be open ended and must establish a maximum amount to be collected for that specific need. After that, absolutely all proceeds after collection costs are satisfied must be directed back to the people in the form of winnings; or be discontinued until the next election defining a new agreed upon goal by the voters.



Prohibited Use and Voluntary Taxes

Voluntary and Use Taxes that are required for "indirect" purposes,not consensual at the time it is requested to be collected, or are not related to use taxes for a defined related USE or service for which they are collected; ARE NOT Voluntary or Use  taxes, and are prohibited.

Such a misuse example would be to require a tax before giving a necessary service, and then dispersing the funds or excess funds else where.

A proper USE tax would be a tax when entering a County park campground to pay for upkeep of the park.

A proper Voluntary tax would be a one time donation offered but not required when purchasing a toll tax sticker for an ear marked cause.

Any excess funds from Voluntary or Use  taxation is a indication that further collection must immediately stop;

Voluntary taxes cannot be held to expand the burden of bureaucracy through employment, creation of new bureaucracies, or other government program that will create a dependency on the tax being continued.;

Excess funds may only be used to lessen the taxes collected the following year for that particular service if passed by vote for continuation the following year only (not held for any other year).


Emergency and Rainy Day Funds

1.) "Rainy day funds" for government or employees are prohibited.

2.)Any emergency funds must be  Voluntary and 98% Citizen supporting, and 2% government in the allocation;  County Controlled and County Accessible.

Taxes That Best Implement Freedom
Import and Toll Taxes

By reducing the bureaucracy, intrusiveness, expanse and expense of government, the amount of tax needed to be collected will be greatly reduced.

The No names No Numbers Anonymity Tax,  is a true patriot tax constitutionally sound tax for a free people and a free country.

Some economists try to sell the idea that import taxes are not free trade;

This is however a ridiculous notion;

Further, it is not even the point or points at issue; as defined below:

The points are

1.) Free Trade,

2.) Taxable Free Trade,

3.) WHO pays the tax;

4.) WHAT is the tax collected FOR and;

5.) Which form of taxation Best Implements Freedom.


When an American farmer sells goods within the United States, he is now  taxed one way or another; Either through sales tax, income tax or both. Yet  this is considered "free trade" or free "taxable" trade. There are two issues here.

1.), the free ability to trade and;

2.), taxes on that free trade.

If taxes on trade are considered not free trade, then citizens within this country cannot be considered involving themselves in free trade, because we pay taxes inside this country.

However this is not true, citizens are involving themselves in free trade;

As they are not restricted to whom they sell.

Then what are the real issues?

It is very clearly:

3.) Who pays the tax,

4.) WHAT is the tax collected FOR and; 

5.) Which form of taxation Best Implements Freedom.


Since we have already found that income and all other forms of taxes, including import taxes convey the tax to the consumer in one fashion or another, What is at issue?

They are without question:

4.) WHAT is the tax collected FOR and;

5.) Which form of taxation Best Implements Freedom....




It is here the
No Names, No Numbers, Anonymity Tax System
Presents the Greatest Strength:


4.) WHAT the tax is collected FOR;

The No Names, No Numbers, Anonymity Tax defines absolutely what the tax is collected for through voter control and by by separating and defining federal, state, county and local tax collection points.

This presents absolute knowledge to the public of which governments are collecting what amounts and Where they are collected.

No confusion.

All collection points visibly display the amounts being collected, "as" they are collected.

And when the amount voted on appears in a meter on each booth as  that amount is reached, the collection stops.

No need for a tax rebate and a gluttonous all powerful bureaucracy.

5.)  THE FORM of Taxation that Best Implements Freedom.;

The No Names, No Numbers, Anonymity Tax
greatly reduces the intrusion of the government into the private lives of the citizens of the United States; those that live within and outside its borders.

No names and No numbers allow truly free trade within the country's borders.

The Anonymity of the tax protects the individuals right to be secure in  ones person, papers, effects, property and business.

Federal taxes are collected on import goods only, and by the states; and not on people; and there is no restriction on trade itself;

State, County and City taxes are collected on major highway movement, but not from any other source.

Just think of driving to your home and saying "it is mine and my family's forever";

Or purchasing a piece of property and developing it at your will without fearing the retribution of a tax by improving your living conditions.


 The Problem Prevalent with All
Forms of Present Taxation

The problem prevalent with all forms of present taxation that weigh who or who should not pay taxes, or how much one person should pay over the other, is that these type of taxes take some type of regulation.

And regulation takes
invasive bureaucracy.

The object is not to fairly or unfairly pay tax,
because this continues to escalate unregulated amounts to the government to regulate who pays taxes.

This increases the "tax burden" on everyone.

The purpose is to, after agreeing on what items or services are to be absolutely necessary, pay for those services with the lowest amount possible fromeach American citizen.

The shortest path from your wallet to the service, without the money being handled, passed through a bureaucratic procedure or regulated, is the best way to reduce the tax burden and eliminate the need for government offices.

If we continue to allow the government to use business to control and keep tract of each individual, there will be serious problems ahead for this country.

A toll tax system, which the states and counties will implement for budgets, takes the issue away.

There has to be a absolute parting of government from its meddling with  citizen's personal business.

Without this parting, you are simply just stirring the mud puddle, the invasiveness of personal records, regulation compliance, enforcement issues  and bureaucratic implementation burdens just comes back around a different way.

                                           Who Pays the Burden of Taxation

From the Heritage Foundation link  provided  if not found, use search on Heritage and type in "Who pays the Burden of Taxation" and "Obligation of an Excise Tax: Who pays a selective excise tax".

"Statutory or Legal Obligation of an Excise Tax: Who pays a selective excise tax?

The legal obligation to pay would depend on the wording of the statute.  It might be called either a consumer-level tax (e.g., the gasoline excise  tax, collected at the pump) or a producer-level tax (e.g., the alcohol and  tobacco taxes, collected from manufacturers).

As the diagram shows, the distinction is economically meaningless and does not reflect the economic division of the tax burden.

Consumers and producers are both affected to some degree, regardless of  the statutory label. How they share the incidence of the tax depends entirely on their responsiveness to the price changes, the slopes of the supply and demand curves, not on whether the wording of the statute charges the consumer with the tax and it is merely collected by the seller and forwarded to the government, or whether the statute names the seller as being charged with the tax directly.

" Further they discuss Tax base distortion as a real factor: "The Perfect Non-Distorting Tax Base?

Politicians eagerly seek these last two situations of perfectly inelastic supply and demand in their quest for the perfect tax base.

No matter how high they might push the tax on such a product, the tax base would not collapse and revenues would keep climbing. In particular, politicians like to believe that the demand curves for cigarettes, liquor, and gambling are perfectly inelastic.

They are wrong, but they keep pushing tobacco and alcohol tax rates higher, hoping for a miracle. They also get stingy with the pay out ratios on state-sponsored lotteries. In this case, it is those who buy lottery tickets who are hoping for a miracle.

In theory, governments could reduce economic distortions and minimize dead weight losses by putting the highest tax rates on the products or inputs that are in most inelastic demand or supply.

The ultimate example of a non-distorting tax would be a head tax or poll tax that is owed just for being alive and is totallyunrelated to any incremental earnings or the amount of one s economic activity.

Such a tax, however, might not pass the  equity  test unless it could be shown that all parties would share in the resulting improvement in national output and income."

APP Note: i.e. or toll tax - its not who pays the tax, but how, with the minimal amount of burden of bureaucracy, and why, and for what it is collected.  Much of the information economists attempt to place as fact is based on the hypothetical and is established as such by the Heritage Reports and anyone that has the true understanding of taxation.

 "...The need to consider these economy-wide and long-term ramifications, called  general equilibrium  "analysis", is not a new idea in tax theory"... "VI. Analysis of Some Specific Types of Taxes: The Corporate Income Tax: Initial Incidence of the Corporate Income Tax.

No competent student of taxation believes that corporations pay the corporate income tax. Only people pay taxes. Things and abstractions do not pay taxes. A corporation is, in law, a legal person, but that is, in fact, a legal fiction.

Therefore, corporations do not really pay the corporate income tax. Conservative Nobel Prize winning economist Milton Friedman is well known for espousing that view, but liberal economists share it as well.

The liberal Nobel economist Wassily Leontief told The New York Times 20  years ago: Corporate income taxes fall ultimately on people.

Economists have tried but have never succeeded in finding out how  the weight of these taxes is ultimately distributed among income groups. There can be little doubt that elimination of corporate income taxes would simplify our tax system and limit its abuse.[35] (end of Heritage report)".

There is always an attempt to assume that all burden of taxes are miraculously paid by the wealthiest, who each of course shoveled ditches for 500,000 man hours within the year to hand the great tax to the government. The reality is that they collected the burden of taxation from those they derive profits from sales, and handed it to the government.

The economist who believes that a individual that pays the burden of the tax will somehow benefit from that burden somewhere down the road in actual returns is incorrect. The above article shows the impossibility of tracking benefits through different income groups;

A corporation who returns benefits to its workers may be a considered such a area that it can be realized; However,  for the individual who is unable to defer the tax, nor benefit from the immediate effects from the returns of a company profit in selling the item, the burden rests on the individual that cannot defer or "write off" the tax further, and any actual income benefit or other benefit for the most part is not seen or realized; 

To say the individual who is unable to defer the tax will somehow somewhere benefit from the increased economy is laughable.

An example is if a person buys a item from a company which has a tax to  the product attached to it, that has been factored into the product. He pays for the product and the attached tax burden. The company takes both profit and tax burden and transfers the tax to the government and the paper work shows the great tax he has paid; However the actual burden was paid by the person who shoveled the ditch to earn that amount of attached tax burden through independent labor, but cannot write it off.

Another example, would be a man sitting on a park bench each day buying  milk and other necessary items from a delivery boy, all that have taxes factored in; Then to expect that those attached taxes will return to him in a new job, service or cash;

That would be rediculous;

The fact is, when he money is spent it is gone into the ever consuming and expanding bureaucracy, government benefits, government regulations, government salaries, and government retirement and he will never see it again. And while he works to pay for these attached burdens, each day more attached tax burdens on goods arrive are paid by him.


Transfer of Tax Burdens to the Lowest Denominator


When you pay a tax on imported goods which have been taxed, the person who physically pays the tax is not the person who the burden of the tax falls upon.

The "burden" of the tax falls upon the consumer who buys the goods as the tax is simply added to the goods.

The same occurs when a manufacturing company is taxed:

The company figures what it needs to make a profit above all incidental expenses it costs to manufacture and sell a product,  and this includes paying taxes.

The company takes into consideration packaging, shipping, price changes, market shifts, discounts, taxes etc.

The expenses are distributed upon each of the goods manufactured to establish the cost of the product.

When the consumer buys the product, he pays the tax attached to the product; and the portion attached to pay the tax is transferred to the company who manufactures the product  and who in - turn "pays" the tax "amount" to the government..

Sometimes through a retailer who had already purchased the product and paid the tax and sells the item to recoup the tax portion and investment already spent, thereby differing the tax burden downward.

The burden of the tax however has been and is paid by the consumer who cannot defer the tax as an expense ...

i.e..the "lowest denominator".


How Citizens are Duped by Jealousy

1.)Lets say there is a wealthy company and business man that manufactures shoes.

It costs the company .50 cents to manufacture one pair of shoes, .25 cents to deliver the shoes, 25 cents is needed to pay taxes (all types necessary) and the profit is .25 cents. A total of $1.25 selling price to make a profit of .25 per pair of shoes.

A consumer buys the shoes and the company takes the .25 cents ear marked for taxes and gives it to the IRS.

The company "physically" transfers the tax to the IRS but the
burden of the tax is paid by the consumer.

2.)Now lets say the consumer is duped into believing the wealthy need to be taxed more because the shoe company makes a lot of money;

(Democrats are good at this).

The consumer enacts (votes in) laws to tax shoes an extra .25 cent a pair.

The consumer goes to the store and ends up paying $1.50 for the shoes which used to cost $1.25 because the company simply differs the additional .25 cents tax to the product.

The company "physically" transfers the tax to the IRS but the "burden" of the tax is still paid by the consumer (who many times can't figure out what is happening).

3.) Now the consumer is mad because he is told that the company is still making big profits (still not understanding what is happening) and enacts huge taxes on the company at .50 cents per pair of shoes.

(Bureaucracy loves this, and government grows a little more to spend the extra money coming in and increases the dependency of the new workers it hires for life, government wages, benefits, retirement etc.).

The company cannot sell his shoes for 2.00 as the market will not bear it, so the company downsizes, automates, or manufacture the shoes overseas and fires 100 employees to manufacture the shoes for .10 cents and reduces packaging and delivery costs by .10 cents to continue selling the shoes for 1.50 and pay the .75 cent tax.

The consumer goes to the store and buys the shoes for 1.50 and goes home feeling good that the company has been forced to pay its due.

The company "physically" transfers the .75 cents in taxes made from selling the shoes to the consumer and pays the IRS.

But the "burden" of the tax is still paid by the consumer who cannot write off the tax as an expense.

4.) Finding the company is still making  huge profits, the consumer is livid and through legislation forces  the company to pay a 2.00 tax on every pair of shoes.

The company unable to sell shoes with a 2.00 tax attached claims bankruptcy or closes, and lets all its employees go (on unemployment).

It's owners either retiring or starting another business where it can begin again.

The public and consumer is stuck paying 2.00 tax on shoes he has jacked up on from those companies who do stay in business (shoes made from India instead of china) and now is supporting the huge bureaucracy he has created by mindless increases of taxation without enumeration of actual need.

So basically, when the public is stirred into thinking that the rich need to be taxed more, they are simply taxing themselves more and expanding bureaucracy and socialism..

5.) To add insult to injury:

The former company then begins selling shoes to the government under exclusive government contracts.

The citizen is forced to pay 10.00 per pair of shoes from union labor.

Jealousy is a shrewd ploy of socialism
to extract money from those who can least afford it and expand bureaucracy and dependency on government.

Wealth is no crime; Misuse of "power" can  be dealt with by law; Know the difference;

Removing state and federal born "Exclusive Privileges" (corporations, unions, tax supported special interests and undelegated - under the original constitutional compacts - state and federal bureaucracies) will limit much abusive power. Localized monopoly laws will limit abusive power even more.
See States Liberty Bill

Taxation on income, wealth or property should never be used, as it only  hurts the poorest and keeps them poor.


The Rule of Thumb is to Remove Regulation

Income, sales and other record keeping and taxes requiring regulation do not work, this is because it all gets placed in hands that decide what to do with all the undirected funds "after" they receive it; and there is no controls over their use of that allotted, or in excess of, that which the money is for.

The great difference between income or sales, and that of import  taxes, is that income tax requires a huge bureaucracy, implementation costs,  and a huge invasion of an individuals privacy.

Import taxes (which in this plan will be collected by the states themselves for federal expenditures) tax only the product and has no knowledge of the person's personal finances, which is a better way to tax in a free country.

You have to divide the state from federal in collection so that you can  see what is going on:

No tax that requires record keeping, or invasive knowledge of a citizens person, business, property, buying habits, wealth, living habits, income, sales or death,  is a free country's form of taxation.

So long as we have to keep records -
a sign of "INDIRECT" taxation - for the federal government and state governments, in the "procedure" to pay taxes, we loose.


Patrick Henry's statement against giving the federal government "both sword and purse".

Mr. HENRY.  "...If you give up these powers, without a bill of rights, you will exhibit the most absurd thing to mankind that ever the world saw,
government that has "abandoned" all its powers the powers of  "DIRECT" taxation, the "sword", and the "purse". You have disposed of them to "Congress", without a bill of rights without "check", "limitation", or "control"."


Taking Control of Taxation

1.) Put a freeze on hiring nonessential federal employees;
2.) Sell 50% of all federal land to actual individuals.See Proposal #3:
3.) Return all remaining federal lands to  ownership and control of the counties;
4.) Lift and prohibit ZONING to allow true free trade and free enterprise to grow outside of the ever growing federal bureaucracy and
5.) Provide for a noninvasive
No Names, No Numbers Anonymity Tax system with a small bureaucratic structure and a small tax burden.
6.) All taxes must have a sunset date no greater than 2 years.
7.) Any tax collected over one year must allow voters the ability at every voting cycle, to either discontinue, reduce, maintain present level or increase taxation amounts for the services.

Think about this. Freedom works.

Let it.

Richard Taylor
The "A" Tax.
No Names, No Numbers  "Anonymity Tax"
The True Patriot Tax System;
Direct, Anonymous, Consensual and Constitutionally Correct.
Sponsored by the
American Patriot Party and Oregon Patriot Party
as part of the
States Liberty Bill

Contact: Richard Taylor
American Patriot Party
PO Box 637,
Ashland, OR 97520

After reading, please take a look at the  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for this new True No Names No Numbers Anonymity Tax System which is part of the "States Liberty Bill".  

Mail this tax system to your Representative.

To Reduce federal governments role and burden within the states: A freeze all hiring of federal non essential jobs must be implemented; Federal lands ownership and control needs to be returned to the states and the local counties and private
non-collective individual ownership and let the federal government start shrinking; the federal government must be reduced in physical size to reduce the burden. The fastest way to do this, is  to simply stop hiring them.

US Military Armed Forces Base Directory:

Army Major Commands, Army Major Commands     AMC U.S. Army Material Command located in Fort Belvior, VA.  The official web site is  AMC is the Army's premier provider of materiel readiness to the total force across the spectrum of joint military operations.  If a soldier shoots it, drives it, flies it, wears it or eats it, AMC provides it.

MTMC U.S. Army Military Traffic Management Command located on Alexandria, VA.  The official website is  MTMC is the Department of Defense's heavy-equipment mover for contingency, training and humanitarian operations.

MEDCOM U.S. Army Medical Command located at Fort Sam Houston, Texas.  The official website is  MEDCOM projects and sustains a healthy and medically protected force; trains, equips, and deploys the medical force; and manages and promotes the health of soldiers and military families.

USARPAC U.S. Army Pacific located at Fort Shafter, Hawaii.  The official website is  USARPAC provides trained and ready forces in support of military and peacetime operations in the Asia-Pacific area in order to contribute to regional stability, crisis response and decisive victory.

FORSCOM U.S. Army Forces Command located at Fort McPherson, Georgia.  The official website is  The Army component of U.S. Joint Forces Command, FORSCOM trains, mobilizes, deploys and sustains active and reserve component forces capable of operating in joint and combined environments to meet worldwide operational commitments.

USASOC U.S. Army Special Operations Command located at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.  The official website is  USASOC organizes, trains, educates, mans, equips, funds, administers, mobilizes, deploys and sustains Army special operations forces to successfully conduct worldwide special operations across the range of military operations, in support of regional combatant commanders, American ambassadors and other agencies, as directed.

USARSO U.S. Army, South located at Fort Buchanan, Puerto Rico.  The official website is  USARSO commands and controls Army forces in the U.S. Southern Command area of responsibility and provides theater support for Army forces and headquarters as directed by the USSSOUTHCOM commander in chief.  USARSO will become a major subordinate command of FORSCOM and move to Fort Sam Houston, Texas, during fiscal year 2003.

TRADOC U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command located at Fort Monroe, Virginia.  The official website is  TRADOC shapes the 21st-century Army by training and educating its soldiers and leaders while sustaining the shared vision of how the Army operates as a member of joint service, combined arms and multinational teams.

CID U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command located at Fort Belvoir, Virginia.  The official website is  CID is the Army's criminal investigative organization and conducts investigations in which the Army is or may be a party of interest.  CID provides senior leader protective-services and forensic laboratory support to investigations; maintains the Army's criminal records; provides logistical security from factory to foxhole; conducts computer network intrusion investigations; and develops countermeasures to criminal and subversive activity.

INSCOM U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command located at Fort Belvoir, Virginia.  The official website is  INSCOM conducts dominant intelligence, security and information operations for commanders and national decision-makers, and provides warfighters with the seamless intelligence needed to understand and dominate the battlefield.

SMDC U.S. Space and Missile Defense Command located in Arlington, Virginia.  The official website is  SDMC develops and provides space and missile-defense capabilities for the Army and the nation.

EUSA Eight U.S. Army located in Yongsan, Korea.  The official website is  EUSA supports deterrence of North Korean aggression against the Republic of Korea and, should deterrence fail, supports noncombatant-evacuation operations and transitions to hostilities as it generates combat power to support the United Nations Command and Combined Forces Command response.

USAREUR U.S. Army, Europe located at Heidelberg, Germany.  The official website is  As America's Army in Europe, USAREUR is structured and trained as a versatile and agile power-projection force, ready for joint and multinational operations, and committed to providing for the readiness and well being of its soldiers, civilians and families.

USASCE U.S. Army Corps of Engineers located in Washington, D.C.  The official website is  USACE provides quality, responsive engineering services to the Army, Department of Defense and the nation.

MDW U.S. Army Military District of Washington located at Fort McNair, Washington, D.C.  The official website is  MDW responds to crisis, disaster or security requirements in the National Capital Region; provides base operations support for defense organizations throughout the NCR, including operation of Arlington National Cemetery; and conducts official ceremonies on behalf of the nation's civilian and military leaders.  

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Pacific Command (PACOM)
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U.S. Army Pacific (USARPAC)
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B.Co/214.Av(M)/524.SB CH-47D Wahiawa/Oahu,HI Wheeler AAF
25th Infantry Division (Light) "Tropic Lightning"
HQ Co   Wahiawa/Oahu,HI Schofield Bks
DivSuppCom   Wahiawa/Oahu,HI Schofield Bks
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AvBrig   Wahiawa/Oahu,HI Schofield Bks
1.Bat/25.Av (ATK) OH-58D(R) Wahiawa/Oahu,HI Wheeler AAF
2.Bat/25.Av (AHB)   Wahiawa/Oahu,HI Wheeler AAF
2.Bat/25.Av/A.Co (AHC) UH-60L Wahiawa/Oahu,HI Wheeler AAF
2.Bat/25.Av/B.Co (AHC) UH-60L Wahiawa/Oahu,HI Wheeler AAF
2.Bat/25.Av/C.Co (CMD) UH-60A,EH-60C,OH-58D Wahiawa/Oahu,HI Wheeler AAF
2.Bat/25.Av/D.Co (AVUM)   Wahiawa/Oahu,HI Wheeler AAF
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78.AvBat/D.Co   Sagamihara,Japan Camp Zama/Kastner AAF

U.S. Army Alaska (USARAK)
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ArcticSuppBrig   Anchorage,AK Fort Richardson
4.Bat/123.Av (TA)   Fairbanks,AK Fort Wainwright/Ladd AAF
4.Bat/123.Av/B.Co (MHC) CH-47D Fairbanks,AK Fort Wainwright/Ladd AAF
4.Bat/123.Av/D.Co (AHC) UH-60A Fairbanks,AK Fort